The Basic And Most Astonishing Camera Shots : Cinematography Lessons

The Basic Camera Shots Of All Time

     It is a Shot Where you Can Find both the Background ,Foreground And Also the subject in Focus.Simply the Depth of Frame with Extreme long Background.It is achieved by high Aperture.The amount of light have to be on the frame is controlled by aperture.Thus Focus is Obviously Controlled By Aperture.We Can Get Any Extreme Background and the Foreground in focus by large amount of light.

Used for:
 *For Depth of the frame
 *To include the opposite reality of two people in the portions of the frame


        The dolly zoom shot also known as Vertigo Effect which is actually a effective shot used in thriller or surprising events.In the Shot the camera positioned in a dolly ,the Background of the frame increases as well as the Subject will be Comes towards The Camera.I mean the camera in dolly goes near the subject while zooming out the lens
 which gives us a weird and overwhelming feeling.

Used For:
 *Surprised emotion
 *Express Some Important Subject's Meaning
Invented By  Hitchcock in Vertigo


Its a Shot in which the camera got drunk as well as got us drunk too.It also known as Dutch Angle.It is achieved by placing camera in any of the angle opposite to the parallel line of the real frame.
In the frame of ducth angle,it never gives a normal angle of a frame.This Shot is used to gives the Uneasy/Bad feeling to the Audience in Mostly Horror,Thriller Genres. 

Used For:
*Disorted,gives audience the feeling of something bad about to happen  


  The shot where the camera circles around the subject in an axis.In actual meaning the shot describes what is the subject feeling and for feeling of suspense,surprise,happy,sadness in an focused manner similar to closeup shot (used to show expression in detail) Or to express the importance of a subject in a special scene.

Used for:
*To show the feeling of subject
*The Importance of the subject


As it is always used in western films does not mean that it is belong to them.The shot in which it covers the head to the mid thigh and their gun position of a subject and the long full shot of a another subject in the background.Thus it can be used as a slow motion shot in Suspense/Thrillers in a most astonishing way.

Used For:
*Gives the relationship between the antagonist and the protagonist.
*Makes suspense in "Detailed" way.

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