Is A.R.Rahman Really Deserves An OSCAR?

    Is A.R.Rahman deserves Oscar

      In the First place The Movie The Great A.R.Rahman awarded was Slumdog Millionaire Which Is An Complete Britiah Film From World Wide Crocodiles Of Cine Industry (Fox,Warner Bro's) and Also Directed By Danny Boyle of England.
Although The Story Is based on the slums of mumbai and the indian version of Who wants to be a Millionaire? Yet It Is A Foreign Film Yes Not India

Besides That Is Slumdog Millionaire Really deserves an Oscar? With a hard biopic nominee of David Fincher and Ron Howard
Yes Oscar already gave awards to shits like Rocky,Argo, and The Titanic.
Okay Come To Our Main topic;

At the time of Oscar 2009, After have been awarded ,the India based legentary nature composer and singer Jagjit singh And Ghazal singer Found It Overrated Song.
A.R.Rahman Really Desreves An Oscar From His Past Workings Of Heavenly and Helly Music ,but Jai Ho is not.
It Is Not Overwhelming Song it is just An Average rahman song besides Vande Mataram OH you say it is great to an English speaking country,No Its Not coz Thers Already nominess of western greatness like Alexandre despalte and Daldry.So Rahman is not an only choice.
The Point is that Rahman Really deserves More than oscar For his previous works like Bombay,Dilse etc.,But Not for Jai ho From Slumdog Millionaire.
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