Is A.R.Rahman Really Deserves An OSCAR?

    Is A.R.Rahman deserves Oscar

      In the First place, A.R.Rahman awarded Oscar for the Film Slumdog Millionaire Which Is An Complete British Film From the Crocodiles in the industry, Fox and Warner Bros and Directed By Danny Boyle.

Although the Story is based on the slums of Mumbai and being a perfect indian version of Who wants to be a Millionaire?,It is a Hollywood Film.

Besides the Controversy of Jai Ho, Is Slumdog Millionaire Really deserves an Oscar? Competing with a marvelous nominees of David Fincher and Ron Howard.
Yes, Oscar already gave awards to shitty movies like Rocky, Argo and etc.,

Okay ,leave that part,

At the time of Oscar 2009, After Rahman have been awarded ,the Indian based Legendary nature composer and singer Jagjit singh And Ghazal singer Found the song over-rated.

A.R.Rahman,the Mozart of Madras have come up with thousands of songs and musical notes before, which are way better than 'Jai Ho' and yet he won an Oscar for this particular song only because Slumdog Millionaire was a Hollywood material and it had a wider reach.

and considering, Rahman is not an only choice.We have Alexandre Despalte,Jame Newton Howard,Danny Elfman and Thomas Newman on the table also.

I felt that Rahman deserved this award a long time ago for the songs from Bombay, Rangeela,Dil Se and Roja ,his Very First Debut .Of course, we all are happy that Rahman finally got what he truly deserved. But for a music lover the question remains - was it right to award Rahman with an Oscar for 'Jai Ho'?

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