How To make Your Character Alive as Real

Action : 
       When you're coming up with characters to create your world,don't go with variety of characters and ideas.Just make what characters your art wants. And if your characters are not doing some interesting things through out the story and just helping the story to move forward ,they didn't make their way on characteristic quality like they never exist. 

Surprise Acts :

       The maker have to know their characters personally to bring it to audiences to feel them personally.Only way to do that is to imagine ,Imagine what your character in their non comfort line. And then try to imagine what would make someone who is not like that  to behave that way, and what sort of person he/she is when comes to this thing does that sort of thing.

Contradiction :
           When you meet a buddist you automatically wonder how they reject human nature and behave like things that have no desire.Or Like a difference between artist and worker.Thus everyone have different owned contradictions and beliefs.

Details :

        A single interesting detail about her or his appearance, or a habit of speech can make them a lot more vivid to you. In a lot of ways, this is like trying to remember someone you used to know years ago — anything that brings them into focus in your head is helpful.(eg.what he wears,what he like to smell)

Character Works Against The Flow Of Plot:
                           Your character should not circle around the story— like a normal real life guy doesn't go into a path with straight forward one perspective mind,like fall in danger.If Your story don't have struggle on moving the story —It'll be a disastrous thing ever happens to your art,won't an interesting thing.Let your characters go on their own,but protect them with far eye.

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