Hand Tips On Acting

Imagination :

Developing imagination is one of the most important components of actor’s success In order for the audience to believe your acting, it’s you who has to believe first that the life of your character is real. And to do that, you need to be able to build a small world of your character’s life in your mind.
Even just for one scene, you have to come up with answers of why you are doing, what you are doing, why is it that way, etc. That’s exactly what your imagination is for. You should work on developing your imagination as often as possible. It is useful for mastering acting skills, but also it is so much fun to live having a good imagination!

Attention : 

The main important thing for an actor is attention seeking.And attention in the details of other works.
If you are a beginner,you cant pull out the emotions you ever experienced.But you can be attention on other actors or people.


The Human Brain stores large amount of memories by gather from visuals more than any other thing .Mnemonics is a game that allows us to remember things by viewing Pictures.Help us memory large things by seeing it.  

Games : 

  Try to Exercise or practice with no words At All.Like Communicating someone with your Body Language, gestures, and Ask them To Tell you what exactly you are conveyed.It Helps Lot To Identify Your Own Body and Helps to Observe Others.

Faking Emotions :
        Collect your Emotions,like If you are angry at some Point take notes on it and search the reason why you are angry and try To Fake it by imagine the Old visual.As By All The Emotions can be Faked.

Role Model/Mirror : 
             Take an Actor As A Role Model and Try to imitate him as much as possible.And Ask Some One To Rank you From 1 to 10 and If You got 10 go to the next actor,Don't Stay On Same Actor For Too Long (even ranks goes wrong) you will become his Copycat.

Adapt :
      Try To Tell Detail About Some Theory For About 1 minute and then change the character of yours like Exactly Tell the Opposite Of Your Detail on the same Theory.Take Notes,Differentiate the Characters.Like This Give it Another Try like Performing Various Character for atleast 40 seconds...
  Like Strict Teacher,Poor Animal,Rich Kid,Psycho Son,Manly Teen.
In The Continuous Time.

Interview : 
      Ask People you are not close with,to prepare a list of Questions for you and Answer Them Accurately and Then Get Feedback About them.Try This On Various People And Collect Tremendous Amount Of Knowledge About Yourself,If You Want To Imitate someone/Character,You Have To Forget Yourself,That is You Have to Know What is You Own Yourself.

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