What If Camera Gets Life? - A Short Story


A Country Side House.
There was a Teenager  lives in the house alone.He is sort of  Anxious Personal.He Experimenting Tests on biotechnology ,sort of combining a technical(machinery) thing with a human Brain.Literally Saying, "Adding human brain to a machine". 

He Working On This for about 10 years from his childhood.This Is because of ,he always curious about how the things made from nothing.Since we had born with nothing but nature.He thinks how it's emerge and whats the final answer to this Science or Birth. 

As he is also an Atheist, He is so anxious about these things.By He Concluding His science projects,he begun to accepts the life and be less anxious.

But the only thing he couldn't tolerate is "Camera".He begins to test the camera as depth and crazy as possible.Like he begin to start living 24 hours and 7 weeks and even years in the work of camera.He owned one and named it kamera(kaa-mee-ra),A girl name.He Love To Be With it.He use,clicks and record on the kamera.He Begin to see it as a living thing.Because,He thinks,camera not only capture visuals,It capture nature,moments memories.Like Its A Time travel machine.

A mysterious Fabulous thing ever human created.So he decided/wanted  to put a brain to a kamera,so it can capture things on her own.Also She can talk to him by pictures.Like creating a Visual Language.

He Analyse the human brain for about 20 months so he can duplicate it.At last he comes with a clue of what a brain really is.And Then he work with sensors and electrical transmissions for Ordering Purpose.And creates his own enlarged cloud network for storage purpose which stores Scientific as well as emotional theories.So she could save herself.Finally he can make it automated.

Now She can Take pictures whatever she likes,Only what she likes.He Enjoyed the thing,a s he can understand her thoughts and personal.They Both Communicate like best friends.So he thinks ,he shouldn't use kamera for his purpose.He thinks that it is cruel to use your friend.So he brought an another camera with advanced technical, high resolution,sensors and other benefits.

The Kamera couldn't tolerate that as she thinks she had been ignored.So she want to revenge / teach him a lesson.As he created his own high level sensors and transmission elements ,there is enough speed in transmitting files to the kamera she captured.Like its more than a "speed of light".But She Know something about these matter as she experienced delusion when electrocuted.At some point she want to experience and analyse the theory of What will happen.

So She captured a lightning.She Electrocuted so hard that she can travel time.She Want To use it for her Decision.She calls him by shuttering 3/2.

He Came ,Then She Attack Him With High Level Flash And Captured Him.He Stunned and got unconscious.After Some Minutes ,Silence Occupied.

Now in 2020....

What Happened?

To be continued...

What If Camera Gets Life? - A Short Story What If Camera Gets Life? - A Short Story Reviewed by Cinema Thoughts on July 07, 2018 Rating: 5


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