The Psychology Of Films

The Topic Psychology Of Films Sounds like , if it is about the Genre and Stuffs.But It is Far Different From That.It is About How Film makes itself relating to the Real world Without Affecting Time Relation,Making Works and Give The Clearance of Nature.

Psychology of Films
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Films Are Visual Representation of Adapted Reality.They Control Your Emotions like a dictator and makes you deliver it when They want You To deliver.Films That Failed To Control you Became failed On Blockbusters.If Films Does Nothing in their 1st Chance and Fully Control You in their 5th view,Its Related to The Postmodernism and Stuffs.

1.Perception :

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The Perception is like a Signal Tower In Our Nervous System Receives Signals and Organize,Identify and Interpret them to Know And Clarify What is Actually Presented.It is Also Like a Cognitive, But Confirms Provided Information With Several Point Of Views.In Order To Clarify Them,You Have to Feel From an Every Aspect Of Feel.Thus The Film Have To Be Unique In Their Form and Shouldn't Add Any Other Features To It ,Even If It Is A Good One.You Shouldn't Add Vegetable leaves to Half-boiled egg in cause Of Colorfulness.

2.Emotion :

Emotion wheel
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Emotions are Some Interconnected Matter in Our Body Which Receives Action/Sayings And Combine/Research with their own Developed Ideas,Thoughts, Mentality,Personality and Good-Bad Things and Make Some Pleasurable or Dis-pleasurable Feeling and Show Them in a  Extreme Way To Became an Emotion.Thus Even If We Do Not Make them, If We are in a bad/dangerous situation,The Automatic Heartbeat will increase and Make us feel Fearness As an Emotion.They Are Superior to Us.It Could Not Be Controlled.One Emotion Doesn't care About His Leader,If The Action was worth it.As Well As The leader can't Make Them Fake For An Action.So The Action / Film Must Have Reality in it.Here's below a video of color psychology :

 3.Cinematic :

Film is nothing but a Combination of visual and audio things.But It Have To Be Real /Have To Be A Replacement For Real Story Or Life.Once an Inexperienced viewer  and an Experienced Viewer have Made To Watch Film.,the inexperienced ones told that they Viewed it as their real life and The Experienced ones told that they can See Discontinuity.


 1.Editing :

                 It Helps In A Great Way To Make Them feel Like Real and Save Time For Us To Watch a whole biography of Someone.Editing makes it as 2-3 hours film.Used For Non-Linear Stories and Flashbacks.

      2.Camera :

                 Camera is The First Source To Pull Up the Emotional Needs The Film Wants.Every Movements Speaks,Every Frame Join Hands,Every Color,Tone Sharpness Make You To Go To The Next Level.The Space ,Close-ups,Tilts,Pans Order People to Memory,Think and Decide.

     3.Techniques : 

                 Over The Time The Shot Became Shorter and The More Motion It Contains.The Psychological technique of Cinema Became With Camera Movements.At Young Age We start and Learn To Watch Films.Some Children Are Placed To Watch Time elapse,Establish Shot,Shot/Reverse Shot,Pans,Tilts,Cross cuttings and Jump/L/J Cuts.They Are Mingled With The Other cuts.

Here's below a video about the Art of Editing :


4.Experimentation : 

            There is Always A List Of Aspiring Filmmakers Doing Films With New Theories and Rule Breaking Moves.Which In Turn Not Only Breaking The Old Ones,Creating Healthy Ones That Move The Story Steps Forward.

Experienced and Inexperienced made To Watch Hollywood Films And Experimental Films.

The Results Are,Inexperienced Ones Recognised the Hollywood Films as Realistic ones and The Experimental ones as Hard/Not Understandable.

And With The Experienced ,The Hollywood is Boring and The Experimental ones Are Aspiring and Make Them Feel Different Thoughts Not Fully But Averagely.

Sources/Courtesy : learning-mind,Psychology-today,Philosophy of art By David Bordwell,Noell 




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