Selfish Is Good,Why?

    Melissa Deuter,assistant professor of psychiatry said  “Selfish is an ugly word but it can mean two different things,” 

And the things are “One connotation is that you’re unkind and inconsiderate of others.

The other thing is that you take responsibility for getting your personal, emotional and physical needs met, and that’s an important part of becoming an adult.”

Self Compassion : 

 Compassion is the feeling you get when you want to help someone who is suffering. You see the person standing on the side of the road holding a sign asking for help. You automatically think if you had a bunch of money you would help them out.
Guess what, you are suffering too. Your inner self is holding up a huge sign that says “Help Needed:  I’m tired, depressed, hungry, and emotionally drained”. It is important that you pay attention to your own signs. If you ignore those inner signs when you first start hearing them, they will become louder and present themselves in a negative way, like through panic attacks or ulcers.
Self Esteem :

   Self-esteem means having confidence in your abilities. This will lead to feeling like you are worthy of a happy life. No matter how many people tell you that you won’t become successful or put you down in some other way, you can still have high self-esteem. It comes from within you. You can train yourself to ignore the negatives.
Don’t get this confused with cockiness, which has a strong element of arrogance and entitlement associated with it. Most arrogant people don’t have that much self-esteem, believe it or not. 

Self Love : 

   Self-Love is caring enough about yourself to want to take care of all your needs. If you don’t have self-love, nothing else will matter when trying to be selfish in a good way. Means you know you are valuable and you recognize that if you were not here, other people would be affected in some way.
Benefits : 


           Selfish people tend to take better care of themselves only they tend to put tension and stress on others,so they less put energy in the world thus they are healthy on their own.


Selfish people spend their time doing activities on themselves.
If you know who you really are,and what makes you happier,and what things you can do,You will be Happier.


Making things on your own matters become grow up and the grown up theories make you strong.Thus makes you lead...
“Selfish people are more inspired and confident and rarely give up"
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