Is Being Creative, Evil?

                Creative People are more likely to be Rude,crazy,non-loyal,weird,liars and eccentric.


If An alien, observes  humans for the first time might wonder why we pay people to lie to us.That Means Fantasy Films,Fiction Stories and Things.
Then we’d concede that sometimes we enjoy being lied to, especially when the lies are much more entertaining than reality.
Given all the practice they get, we might expect, then, that creative people should be better at lying.
Also in a Research taken by Walczyk, Creative people tell lies much more and better than the less creative people based on a test.
On the positive side, creative people are generally open to new experiences, but how easy are they to get along with?
Another research said they are not agreeable but learns and strongly have honesty over everything.


     Distrust may also have broad mind thinking.Instead of trusting and fall in fool's way ,they see it from different angle and find solutions.That’s the thing we say about creativity.
The "What if "-mind, that where the creativity begins...


As creative people characterised like that,these things make them as evil?
Creativity people more distrustful and non-loyal than Intelligents.
As Creativity used for More Work and forward thinking,it also used for cheats and frauds.

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