How To Write A Mind Blowing Story?

How To Write A Mind Blowing Story?

 In this Topic We are going to discuss on how to write stories like Inception,Fight club or Even Primer and Predestination?

 To think Like From Out of the box ,
First we have to give up all the theories!!!
Story Format?
We all think that all these great movies are made by that Outside Thinkers. But no,this Films Are Created by The One who totally understand and believe the Actual Structures.
Actually They know too much of the Format and Try to alter in its own world.
But Yes.... its also important to think that "all the theories and learning aids are bullshit when making a story" but you can't go Through the Story if you always think Out of the Box (Story).Like take the film Inception?

 How it is Emerged,I mean the Story?

 All the Art Works comes from Inspiration of Something.
If You have Created Something Comes Fro Your own and Nothing a Nano of Inspiration, it will A Crap.But Crap things also need Inspiration.

So in this Topic, We will go with the film Inception,because we can't explain all the films.Film Is not something of 2 hours Thing that have audio and video attached, But its more than a world.We'll discuss Other films in Another Articles.

The Inception director Christopher Nolan once watched a Punjabi Film Scene about a man dreaming of Dreaming and he woke up.

It's Simple,But its also a inspiration,Everything is inspiration.This is How the log line made like If Cobb (the protagonist) Aware that his world is real or dream.You Got the point!!
Then how to develop it?
You can't/shouldn't watch bunch of movies about the same concept and take them into your film.
That is Crap!!! That's not Inspiration that's Plagiarism.In the topic of developing an inspired thing,You need to know the story structure(Format), Yeah!!

The Protogonist(cobb) wants what?

What's he need?(to dream or something)

Who is the antogonist?(The Dilemma of what is real).

See it always surrounding the structure ,the structure helps to develop the Story and Screen play and also make you engage in the line.

Writing the Screenplay For The Line:

Who's the protagonist?

  He's Someone who have a hobby of dreaming to steal ideas and valuable information from People.

What his ambition?

  'Inception'- Building an idea into mind by means of dream.

What happens If he cannot achieve?

   He'll goes to the dilemma of fake world in his mind permanently.

Why he have to do besides ambition?

  Someone force him.

Why he force him?Is he can't refuse?

  Once he(protago..)steal ideas from him but failed,The forcing one is a japanese gangster ,he would kill him.

Whose ideas the gangster wants to steal?What's struggle in it?

  He wants to steal an idea from an another worldwide gangster

And More Questions you ask about your own stories ,the Story/Screenplay Will Grow..

For More detailed inception screenplay Click Here

So the screenplay is Ready...Although it is about new concepts like dream or something,
The Story Structure is Ordinary.How to make this an mind blend?
The Devices are...


  You can twist the screenplay with enormous cuts and edits like He's goes into the dilemma,Who he is?....Dream?.....Ok then what? He is always disturbed and failure to achieve something.Why he have failed?,Already tried that!!Success cost his Wife's Life.After All the struggles He goes to His Home to live peacefully.


     Finally the hero goes to Home(Family) to Live Peacefully...then what? BOOM!!! It is also a Dream.The Whole Movie Is A Dream.


      In most Of the Films Like Triangle,The butterfly effect,Predestination,Primer
 or Even Inception ,We have no clue an Abnormal Sequence Displaying throughout the film with regular interval.What is this? Or Why is this Interrupt the Scene?

It's Because,its also a great way to make audience Mind Blow,Like Creating some Abnormal scenes without affecting the Flow of Film And Then giving meaning to that scenes in the End (It should be not boring ones as well as not an emotional one)

You can't Find A Good Mind-Blowing film Without any of these Things.

Here Some of the Good Mind Blowing Movie list for you to watch:

 1.FIGHT CLUB(1999)









 10.CITY OF GOD(2002)

 11.OLD BOY(2003)



 14.2001:SPACE ODYSSEY(1968)




(It is not the order of what's top ten,but what's comes to my mind first)

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