How To Read Paintings?

How To Read Paintings

©Leo Da Vinci - The Last Supper

"Art Paintings are Status Showing Symbols and Only Entertainment For The Rich Modern Society and Are Boring" Is The View Of The Casual Painting Viewers.Paintings are Some Sort of Collaboration Film,Books And Other Arts.Its A Prisoned Art which control the viewer to read,realize and release them in meaning of Acquire Them.Some Visual Art Standards Results that student in art Classes are tend to be more Perceptive,Observative and Good In Discipline.Nit Only art Student,All The other should have taken part in Making arts and have taught  History of Art,Specific criteria,style,Aesthetics in order to read and observe and judge with their own cognition.

Subject : 

      First we have to Identify the subject of the painting by Viewing as a casual Viewer.An experienced Reader can't control the Emotions and be patient to look at the painting as a normal person.To Observe, we have to look rather than see or watch.

Frame : 

   As Told Before Paintings Are Single Prisoned frame with more details than a movie/film. And Greater Information and Depth Rather than a book if you really did decode the Patterns.

Properties : 

   We have to find out the status of the painting with the properties in the painting like,pets,fruits,clothes.

There are two types as you may heard Portrait and Landscapes.

how to read Paintings
©Titian - Portrait of Charles V with a Dog

Portraits are usually having figures placed and explained their personality or status or something else.

How To read Paintings
©Jacques-Louis David Death Of Socrates

Landscapes are usually having a scene with group of people or things.It explains or show a event/scene taking place in the history or any other period.

Here below some of factors we have to decode portraits and landscapes.But Its Not The Full study.

Ask/Determine the Following Things/Questions...

For Portraits ;

3. His Occupational Or Avocational?
4. The Size of Painting
5. Is He/she facing Front? 
6.Three Quarter or something?
7. Background
8. Is it  face,full or half body?
9. Is it an individual, a couple, or a group such as a family?
10. And others you think.

Same Applied in Landscapes,But it have some more things...Leaving told things Ask/Observe the following...

For Landscapes : 
    2.Number of people 
    3.Number of properties 
    4.Types of properties 
    5.Type of people Mingled.

So Asking and getting answers for the above ones gives you Tremendous about of information.So that's the Reading Of Painting? No! You gained,Now its time for decode,Here Below Are Some Interpreted Information To Decode and Analyse...

1.If The Clothes are Very beautiful,Then The figure/s showing off his Status or Class.It Also Means the painter ability to put fabric in his paintings.On The Other Hand Explains The Opposite.

2.The Size of the portraits is large then,it announce the person is important or wealthy,Various answers also takes place.

3.If The P/L contains older middles,young and children it is meant to be a family painting and Showing the pride and happiness.

4.If The Face or One of the people face focused on P/L then it try to explain the personality,playfulness,character,charisma of the one.

5.If The painting contains some pets,it symbolizes the compassion/nurturing of the portrait.Same Applied for landscape with the one have it,Also explains the peoples love for the pets and  Shows What The place belongs to...

How To Read Paintings
©Rembrant-Anatomy Lecture


1.Realsim Or Any Other
2.Teaching Lesson Or Communicate A Feeling Or An Emotion.
3.The One Side having More And The Other Having Less.
4.One's/others arm pointing
5.Sun Rays/Darkness
6.Diagonal contact of eyes.
7.Pets Placing Positions Down/Up on the table.
8.Postions of people.
9.Status Comparisons
10.Historical Events Or Sad/Happy  Happening Truths

And there are much more things with an artist deliver what he thinks to you.
There are More General Things like the 10 factors and Systems/Cultures/Criteria/Aesthetics to be Rolled Over.Which is differed with every single person of their own observation/perception/criteria/style/faith.

Sources/Courtesy : Museums that have The Paintings,HSGReading,Art of Decoding,Da Vinci Movie

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