How To Write a Script ? - Process of Going Through

How To Write a Script ? - Process of Going Through

Here's Below How I Get The Story And Put It Down On My F*cking Movie.Its a Work of Some Writing,Rewriting,Bang The Head,Did Wrong,F*ck Neighbors,Thank Motherf*ckers.The Flow OF Creating Your Script...

Story Concept :

At First you have to be a intelligent guy to drop the ideas and knowledge and the other things into your script! Fu*k No.You Have to Gather important/unimportant things,Newspaper,Magazine,Articles,Stories,Story ideas,Movies,and All Those Things which Inspire you Make/Creating Something.

"It Flows With The Flow Of Your Sense And Energy."

And If You Got Inspired Some How and/or You gather some ideas ,its not the end of the story concept.You Have to Simply add only one thing to that Magnum,"What if ? ".Asking It To All Those Little Information/Ideas You Gathered/Inspired Will give You The flow Of Story with your unique Style. eg. What If A Superhero makes Jokes...?.....Deadpool !!!
So Elaborate Your Ideas with Your Own Fucking Instinct, Even If it is best ever Joke/Crop the world would hear.


     Gathering Information And Inspiring is the task of what you are going to know what you know.Lets Put It All together to make some knowledge of what your knowledge capable of.Now You Have To Surface the gold You Make by collecting ideas and information.You Have To work Hard to Make what is work for you and what will feels bizarre to you.If you want it to get flow though this conclusion,you Have to get curious in your ideas,information,knowledge,characters,plot and the things you sticked. No Any prejudgment,All the things have to put to the Folder without any logical or illogical stuffs.

And Then Mix It To The Core,Dialogues,Theme,Details,see,shot,angles, and All at once.It Sort of dp into your consciousness.

You may take weeks for this process.But Remember to ask lot of questions as it is a sea of ideas.

Research :

 "Even If You Trying hard on the conclusion there is always something stick around to demotivate you,And that is lack of research".

Understand the Theories and the Practical Works About Them.Collect Information What Our grandfather/mother Did with the things you got now for  a film.

Usually Research have to take a large amount of time in your film.Many Goes Even for a month
But Too much Of Anything ruins...Thus Some Became Lazy On this to get to work as they say they are on a research for about a year...And That's All.

Character Development :

    After That,You Have To drag your characters and interview them individually.Ask Questions ,Talk with them,Know Them From their Point Of You.(Maybe i look like a dumb to you).But Moe You spend time with your character aloe the more They become Themselves.

Also Ask Yourself Some...

*Who is my Protagonist?

* What do they want Externally?

* What do they need Internally ?

* Who/What is keeping them from it?

* Who is connected to the Protagonist’s emotion?

* Who is connected to the Protagonist’s intellectual growth?

* Who is the Trickster testes Protagonist?

And After get the answer make sure that fit your characters paths.

Plot :

All the things above are turns to some pieces and  made out to be a 10 hour mini series if You
 didn't focus the plot.Plot Structure...It Have To Be on a schedule by Strict Officer....

" And Here comes the old fucking system we are try to escape but draw us down to the grave.Plot Structure...."

Sorry for make the quote intro like that.But we have to get rid of the three act structure.But also Its The Basic,Without knowing rule,you cant break it.Thus You wont make the 8 act or 10 or even 20.And That's The Way...

                                                Act I, Act II, and Act III.

 “You gotta know these four things before you start to write a script". 
Here's the Questions you have to ask...

*What’s the beginning? 

*What’s the end of Act One? 

*What’s the end of Act Two? 

*And what’s the ending?

Every screenplay paradigm seems to have a certain number of “plot points”.So some of the things could emerge more than this theory.

And Outlining The Theories here will help to increase the additional layer to your plot.

Notes : 

 Taking Notes on your plot to know how far your film to be attached to your own emotions.Thus it can't connect to your own,will not with others.Put the script in your subconscious to see your emotional connection to the story.

"The Reality it gives is adaptation of your real life even you don't experience the Film Nature Before" 

Mingle With the your Logistics,Points,Definitions and Your Theories,But don't go through it's edge. 

After This process done,Note the other Things.

Rewriting :

I suggest you set aside the script for at least 2 weeks. 
Part of the reason is you’ve exerted a lot of energy, it’s time to recharge your creative batteries, 
But the more important thing is to get some distance from what you’ve written. 
If I start re-writing immediately, I find I am much more prone to approach the material with a less critical eye. 

With some time and distance, I can be less attached to the experience of writing the pages and more dispassionate?
because the re-write is where you want to fix the script’s problems and you can’t do that if you’re not willing to admit the script has problems.

Lets Take Out some things to get you flow through the rewriting process.

*Adding/Removing lines 

*The Grammatical errors - That is what word suits the story better even it's worse use of words.

*Correcting The Lengths,Dialogues,Cuts

*And Other Stupid Shits.

Editing :

Editing is actually a sort of rewriting but the difference is that,the perception is different.

Like From A Third Person, Ask/Erase or Remade the things :

*Have you used the same word too many times in one sentence or paragraph?

*Are any of your sentences hard to understand?

*Are your sentences grammatically correct? (the actual grammar mistake made by you,past,present,future and the things) 

*Is everything spelled correctly?

*Have you used punctuation marks correctly?

Conclusion : 

If It is the ever first time fro you to write a script by this method ,it will be defficult at the same time a little crap.Make it as a first draft of your script, even the great screenwriters do this.The more you do this,the more it gets faster,deeper and better.The More you will learn about storytelling.And the best education in Script Writing is Reading Screenplays.

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