Why Modern Art Always boring

Why Modern Art sucks?
   ©Sistine Chapel By Michael Angelo

From Vinci,Caravaggio To Angelo,Rembrandt, It's An empire to the Beautiful Renaissance Art.But ,then the century has Changed to The Modern Art.Here's below the one White canvas called as a modern art.

Modern Art Sucks

©Robert Rauschenberg

See,There's nothing than a 3 dots and 2 lines with a border.Even A Child Can Do It in minutes.

A normal Rock(340 tons) from a museum rates it millions of dollars.Simply A Rock, in the name of art.

Several years ago a video was taken by professor Robert Florczak on the bad Ugly Quality of Modern Art.He States That now the art was changed from a beautiful,Standard, Inspirational, Dependent to The Twisted and shocking.Absolute Sentence! From him ,we come to believe that, the thing which make us shock and twisted is the best one right away.That is the so Called Art described in this century.Modern art Sucks

      © Duchamp's Fountain,1917

My Art Based Brother Once Show Me A painting And Ask Me To Elaborate the work,I even Think For days,and Give him a  Spontaneous answer with vary Meanings And Measurements And Aesthetics On  the Colors, Textures,Lines, Dots Etc., Related To Some Culture,War, Religion.But He Simply Rejects And Says It's His Hand Made cotton Towel.And He Once poured it in his Mechanic Machine by Mistake.But Is that An Art Made in Nature and Call The Machine An Artist.Crap,We Can't ,It Can't thinks.But we can come to The Conclusion Of What a garbage is?Modern Art! I Am Not Blaming The Modern Art. There is also a set of Nice Works Here.

Modern Art Sucks

©The Persistence Of Time by Salvador Dali

But What Is An Art?

    Made a discussion with old people about modern art ,They Think Modern Art is Ugly And Immature because their 2 year Kid Can Do It Wisely.

But It Is Not That Point.

Art Is Something That Have aesthetics,Meanings, stories,Culture,Emotions Deeply Buried  Within,Which Normal People can't see.But The Knowledgeable one can.Same Theory Works With The Modern Art.In A White Plated Canvas Art,There Is A White Not Same One normal one Sees,the same One A Kid Sees.But A Different One.Every Colors Has Different Levels,Which we can Differentiate into Some Levels.But We Can't tell it accurately.That's Hard, But the Knowledgeable Worker worked with the paints,brushes have that in  nature he can Differentiate,know,learn the meaning of the particular Colors and made it to His Art  research.Modern Art Sucks


About Few Years Ago an earthquake in China had Destroyed children and Houses.It Is Because of the Poorly Construction of the building By The Corrupted Hands Of Government.After some Days this Happened,An Artist Near The Town comes to the place and takes the building's Cement,Broken tiles,Blood of children,and Made It As A Paints and Textures materials For His Painting.He Also Takes Research In The political People, The Affected Ones and The Nature's Dance and Made it to His Art.But it will not /cannot explain things to the normal world,But The Ones Felt With the Earthquake.We Cannot Say It as A garbage.It Is A Pure Art.An Art Have It's Own Culture,Style,Language, Meaning, Interpretation,Love, Sacrifice,Depth, Judgements,Truth,Fear,Soul,Passion,and a Heart.If Everyone Can Explains,It will be a product not an art.I Don't Say that Art Is Something That Have To Be Difficult to Understand.But It Should Requires Audience to gain some knowledge about it to Understand it Correctly.

Modern Art Sucks
            ©Barnett Newman

The Conclusion Is Both The Artists and the People Have To Reasearch and learn somethings about each other.Audience have to gain some artistic knowledge to understand an Art.As well as ,Artist Have To Understands Their Audience(A Relationship between artists and art lovers).But It Does Not works In That Way regularly,It have to Emerge from More than What is here right now.It Must,It Should Emerge From The Audience First...That Is Called An Art!

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