Top 10 Mind Blowing Movies of All TIme


Mind Blowing Movies

A young Haley Joel Osment begins working with a therapist after he has some negative experiences with the ghosts that he’s been seeing. Bruce Willis, after almost being murdered in the opening scenes, does his best to help this young boy while dealing a collapsing marriage due to the fallout of the near-fatal incident during the movie's opening. As it turns out, Bruce was dead all along.And It Is From the Twist Ending Director M.Night Shyamalan.This is His Best One.


mind blowing movies
Memento is Christopher Nolan One Of the Best Films.Its the Starting point of his Actual Career.It Follows a Non linear an Reversible Story Pattern.Leonard Shelby's quest to find the man responsible for the death of his wife and take him out. The one problem is that Leonard has short-term memory loss and can’t remember much of anything. He manages to get around by leaving himself polaroids and tattooing the facts of the crime on his body. What follows is a cerebral and surprising film that demands a rewatch. Turns out a big twist in the end Making it Why it is Reversible and Giving All the logical things for the Structure. 


Mind Blowing Movies
While the horror genre is known to have its fair share of twists, nothing had really come close to the levels of completely and utterly blowing the minds of audiences that Saw managed to reach. When Saw was first released, no one had any idea the massive film franchise that it would kick off. The first film had a simple enough premise: two men locked in a room — what lengths are they willing to go to in order to escape the twisted game of a madman? The film leaves the viewers horrified to watch as one man cuts off his own foot before revealing that the killer was in the room the entire time, disguised as a dead man on the floor; the key was in the room the entire time, and it doesn’t look like anyone actually makes it out of the room.


Mind Blowing Movies
 The film follows a U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and his new partner Chuck Aule as they investigate an Alcatraz-inspired prison where a patient seems to have mysteriously vanished.
Throughout the film, Teddy confides in his partner that he lost his wife in a fire started by an arsonist so that by the time it’s revealed that Teddy is actually a patient who’s going through an experimental therapy to come to terms with the fact that he killed his wife, the audience is left in complete shock. Even more so when it’s revealed that Teddy may have willingly walked into a lobotomy rather than live with the reality of what he had done.It is an underrated Martin Scorsese and Leonardo's Film.


Mind Blowing Movies
The Usual Suspects is another classic on any list of the biggest plot twist in film history. The film follows Kevin Spacey’s Keyser Söze as he regales an FBI agent with a fake story giving by a character Söze puts on that he calls Kint. Kint successfully manages to get the FBI agent’s attention off of him by crafting a bunch of fake details based on things that are in the room. The FBI agent, however, doesn’t realize this fact until after “Kint” has left the building; when he receives a fax with his picture and Keyser Söze’s name under it arrives. Decent fax machines, they're number one on the FBI’s most wanted list.


Mind Blowing Movies
Fight Club is a more of a modern classic, but a Cult classic all the same. The film follows the narrator who is never referred to by name throughout the course of the film as his life seemingly implodes. He, along with his new friend Tyler Durden, decide what they really need to do is start a club where men can just be men and beat each other like slabs of beef in the Rocky films. Cleary, the next step in any successful underground fight club is franchising, and then open rebellion on the powers that be. Right when the world around him is about to blow up, the narrator learns that he never met anyone named Tyler Durden, the narrator (Edward Norton) had been Tyler all along.

4.Primal Fear

Mind Blowing Movies 
For those following along at home, this makes the second film on this list that involves Edward Norton and multiple personalities. Primal Fear follows Edward Norton’s character as he navigates the stresses of being on trial for murder. He confides in his lawyer that he has no idea what’s happened and he doesn’t understand why he’s being put on trial. His lawyer is eventually able to recognize that his client has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and it was his second personality that committed the crime. After getting Norton’s alter ego to reveal himself while on the stand, the lawyer is able to get his client off on the basis of insanity. The twist being that Norton was faking all along and there never was an alternate identity...

3.Oldboy (2003) 

Mind Blowing Movies

No offense to Josh Brolin but if you're going to see Oldboyyou need to see the original film that came out in 2003. No questions asked. Not only is Oldboy a fantastic film with a brutal and heart-shattering twist, but it’s also an absolute must-see of a film.Oldboy tells the story of Dae-su, an obnoxious drunk who, after a night of heavy drinking, is taken and locked inside a prison that looks like the room of a creepy motel for 15  years. Then one day, after 15 years and multiple suicide attempts, Dae-su is left in a trunk on the roof of a building in the outside world. What follows is a devastating tale of the lengths some men will go to for revenge and the horrific consequences that ensue. So if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to put it on your to-do list. 

2. Mulholland Drive (2001)

 Mind Blowing Movies

On one side, we have the typical rise-to-the-top story of a young talented actress, and on the other, the harsh realities that come with not making it. From “The Elephant Man,” “Lost Highway” and “Inland Empire,” David Lynch has made a career out of messing with people’s heads, but this one is too close for comfort.

Multiple storylines and characters all seem to play out randomly, giving us different mini-genres of entertainment before revealing that nothing is as it seems. The final part of the film is like a fever dream or the greatest hits of your worst nightmares, all combining for one last hurrah. And by its end, it leaves you exhausted, but with a more poignant appreciation for what can be achieved with film and the light and the dark, the good and the bad of life.“Mulholland Drive” is both a dream and nightmare to anyone with aspirations of working in show business.

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Mind Blowing Movies

Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke United to give this Masterpiece and an Original Scientific Futuristic Travel.The Emotions they carry from our Ancestors ape to the Futuristic A.I Technology is Mind Blowing.He Literally Make us time travel to the 2001 in the 1968.This Film is so Future Thought that the film is being explained in Discovery Science and Have Been debated by the people that Kuprick made Apollo Moon Landing Fake.Its a most ambitious and audacious film ever made everyone should watch to clearly understand the Variations between Humanity and Technologies.2001: A Space Odyssey” is the Mount Everest of mind-fuck movies and all movies in general. 

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