The Lonely Days - A Short Story

Hong Kong..,
In a Lonely Roadway,
An Alone Drug addict homeless man.
The man walking slowy with his feel of nostalgia..
He is thinking nothing.He is not secured person.He has no past,He have no Future.He have Nothing ,but Some amount of Flesh and Sense.In the other side of the road, there is a court.Judges,Lawyers passes by.He is so into unconsciousness because of the drug he took with empty hungry stomach in the morning.With empty hole pockets ,he sit near the Court and watch them going.He Watch them walking carefully like One Watching a Final Football World Cup.The court People donate him Dollars.He Claimed.
A Fat women passed by this strange homeless man,he said something.With clear tone one can identify it is the word "Chicken".
And Yes Someone Watched!!!
Someone none other than the Superior Lawyer of the court.The Lawyer thinks that he insulting people because he is so angry towards this society and the people government.The Lawyer Watching him closely as he have no work tonight.
A Tall Businessman passed by,
He said "Human".
The Lawyer heard and got angry towards him saying to himself "how could he call a selfish businessman a "Human",When he call Matured nice lady lawyer a "Chicken"
The Lawyer got angry and left.

The Next Morning.

The Same Lawyer came near the homeless stranger.Now the Lawyer Watch him Closely to understand his theory of calling a businessman a human.
A Thin,Skinny hard-looking man crosses by, He Said "Egg-meat".
The Lawyer wondered how can a skinny tall pencil like guy can be called as egg meat? He looked more like a Giraffe.

A moment later...

A Fat Women like yesterday crosses by,He called her "Potato".
The Lawyer impressed that he think the homeless man call all fat people potato.
The Lawyer returns home after dinner,he can't sleep that night.Lawyer is thinking of the Homeless man and begin to question whether there is a puzzling game or something.He keeps trying to find some logic about his puzzling behaviour of why he is muttering and what.So day by day the Lawyer observed him closely , hear him saying tomato,potato,chicken.Curiosity got the judge to ask him directly.So the Lawyer walked up to him and put some coins before him.The homeless stranger said "Bread" this time towards the Lawyer.
The Lawyer with curiosity asked him if he have some psychic power towards people.The homeless man said "Yes i have psychic ability,i obtained it years ago.But it is not future or foretelling".
"Then what is your ability" the Lawyer asked.
He said he can tell the last thing someone ate.
The Lawyer laughed and realized he was right.The Last thing the Lawyer ate was Bread.The Lawyer then after cleared this out walks away muttering what a useless psychic ability someone could have.And then Lawyer stops the muttering and remembers the Tall Businessman .
The Lonely Days - A Short Story The Lonely Days - A Short Story Reviewed by Cinema Thoughts on August 20, 2018 Rating: 5


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