Top Filmmaking Sites To Follow Today

Top Filmmaking Sites

We Provides Some of The Greatest Sites to Explore and Learn Filmmaking,The Art of Visual Language.Check out these Terrific Sites to gain Production Skills,Updated Industry Stuffs,Reviews on Technical Things and Post production Techniques.

1. Cinema 5D

Top Filmmaking Sites

Cinema 5D provides video reviews of new cinema cameras and accessories.They have camera reviews as well as a frequently updated news section. A good starting point for detailed analysis of cameras and workflow!They have All the neccessary cinematographer things.

2. Filmmaker IQ

Top FIlmmaking Sites
Filmmaker IQ is a team of filmmakers to provide all types of tutorials on filmmaking,from pre-production to post-production,funding a film,mastering the art of cinema,and by side Featuring the history of colour temperature, film noir and aspect ratios as well as giving tips.

3. Lights Film School

Top Filmmaking Sites

Light Film School .Light Film school offer 3 different  plans-  (a) Student $399, (b) Academic $499 and (c) Scholar $549.And it teach students how to make professional films using the equipment they already have and teaches the art of production in whole.

4. Still Motion

Top Filmmaking Sites

Still Motion is a Portland based website for film makers. They publish articles on storytelling, screenplay writing and other aspects of film making. They Provide varies things to understand cinema and visual language better.

5. Ryan Walters

Top FIlmmaking Sites

This is a personal website of Cinematographer Ryan E. Walters. It is a whole website for cinematography and aspiring visual storytellers.Ryan Waltes also has a Stock Footage Library.It is a great read for those wanting to stay current with cameras and cinematography gear.

6. Retooled

Top Filmmaking Sites

Retooled is For Post Production Works inclue editing,DI and Sound,several more.They Provide a Relink Tool Which is can be used for Continous Workflows.Be sure to check out the detailed video tutorials for intermediate and advanced editing techniques.

7. No Film School

Top Filmmaking Sites

No film School is a worldwide community of video producers, filmmakers and independent creative minds. This websites deals with all aspects of Filmmaking.

8. Indie Tips

Top Filmmaking Sites

It Publishes all types of Film-making From Technical stuffs to Articles Regarding the art of Film.It Is a great start for a filmmaker to learn cinema.

Top Filmmaking Sites

Cinemathougts Provide All sorts of Filmmaking Tutorials on How to Make
Visually Understanding Cinema.Articles For Filmmakers,Cinematographers,Film Editors and Technicians.

10.Vashi Visuals 

Top Filmmaking Sites

Vashi Nedomansky blogs about his experiences as a professional film editor. He has worked with well known filmmakers like the Bandito Brothers & Vincent Laforet.He is Providing a great set of Tutorials For FIlm Editors.
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