Study The Tone Of The Film

When analyzing films, every part of the production plays a role in setting up a scene, from lighting to weather. As you watch the film, analyze characters objectively and look for the plot points.

First Write down all the predictions comes before watch a film.There are things like,poster design,title,color synopsys given in teaser and trialer.Make it as a view of the film.
Take every little notes on watching a film.

Study the opening scene of a film.The film opens with a very meaningful theory to the story.Take notes on the camera angle,music plays,color used.

 For every scene,shots,sequence, take notes on lighting,colors,music,rhythm and dialogue. Analyze the major points of these things.
Analyze important plot points which make the story forward. A plot point changes the entire script,like a death, an affair.A plot point might also be an object or something. These items were important to the script.Write down how they changed the way the story goes what is before and what is after...
Watch the ending of the film closely. Ask questions ,Take notes of the final scene.Listen and observe how they changes.Gather about how each character feels by the end of the movie compared to the beginning.

Read your notes and identify common emotions among the characters. Happy, sad,angry, lonely.The tone of a film is largely defined by the main character's attitude.Still it is elaborated by the music, dialogue and lighting. 
Compare how the film started and how the film ends. The mood depends on the atmosphere and the feeling that emerges while watching a film. Look at your notes and your expectations of the film before watching the film and compare it to your notes now.

Choose a mood/tone that represents how you felt about the whole film based on the story,the plot,characters and morals of the film.That gives you what you want.

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  1. The Depth of Color should be learned like this.I know the value of colors.Extraordinary One !!!

    1. Yes Colors are Like Emotions.treated to be good.Thank You For the response ❤️❤️❤️


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