How to SHOW, Don't Tell?

All The Works/Studies came Across the line of "Show, Don't Tell",What it Means in the general way is that,.
"Don't Tell about your works,Just Do it and Show It To Them".
But It's a Derived One,Actual Phrase Represent Something more deeper than our Thought.

The Thing is the sentence buried Enlarged information in it.

Dialogues :

 We Always Watch/Read Dialogues in Interested Mood,If It Occupy Realistic Words.Underline That,If Some Have to Be Realistic,It Doesn't have to be real life Adapted.
Like In The Example below,

"Sarah : Gud Morning

Nanthan : Gud Morning

 S : um...What Can I Make Today,There's Apple,Egg,cake?

N: umm..ah Sandwich,Try Not To Go With Burger."

The Above One Is A Real Life Conversation.Its Boring And Lagging.
Like It Have +More Ummm,ah
                       +Waste Deatails
                       +Jumping Of Topics

Here's Below The Realistic Dialogues Apart From Real Life Ones.

"Sarah: Gud Morning!

Nandhan: Morning Dear

Sarah : Can  i make A Toast of Apple,Cake,Egg?

Nandhan :No Dear ,Sandwich will be better"

Here's The 2nd One Will Give You interesting Lines which Moves The Story forward.Also It Have Details That,They Either husband and wife Or Living Together Couples.That's The Thing,It should avoid the laging,rollings and Edit have to be Done.And Should Have Deep Details In It.It Is Called Showing ,And Not Telling

Cinema :

It is A Visual Language by The Way,So We Don't Have Large Papers and 1000 pages To Tell The Work.So We Have To Edit/Cut The Unwanted/Unnecessary Pieces from Film.If It Have To Be  Real Like Real Life,We Can't Shoot Each Single Day Of Someone's life and Merge It together.It will be Lengthy guinness video as well as a Trash.So edition,Lag Removal,Bore Removal Works have to be Done.Not That All Needs To Be Cuted,Edited shorty.But If it want the piece of info, it can Be used.But Not The Unnecessary Styles,Details,Umm,And Ahhh...

Story : 

Stories,Novels and Other Writing works Also Come Under The Digestion Of 'Show,Dont Tell'.All The Art Works Have To Be Edited For The Fiction Version.Reality Films,Stories,Paintings Also have Its Unique Piece of Style and Editing.If Does,It Not Only Became Interested ,It Also Encourage the Quality Towards Good To Great.

Conflict :

There's An Antonym in each And Every Move.If Two People With Same Gender,Mentality,Character,Knowledge Talking,it is The Best Boring Experience One Can Have in the world.And It Delivers Nothing.So If One Is The Hero,Another one is Villain.One Is hard, another Is Soft.One Is Camera Another Is Film.One Is Head hair,Another Is Mustache.
Conflict Is Something that Moves The Novel/Film/Story/Work Forward.

May You Assume That ,This Article Is Far Different/Short From Regular Articles.Its Because I'm Not In A Good Mood,Don't have time to create images and Photoshop and Typing Stuffs.

Thus,This Article Shows You The Abnormality  of me Rather Than Telling You Myself.

          "SHOW ,DON'T TELL"

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