5 Ways to Get Rid of Creative Block

Creative Block

"Anyone can be Anything"


Actually To be an Artist you need some more...

In this quote,'Anyone' can be described as all commercial workers,..lawyer,doctor,engineer,scientist,labor who need patience and undefinable hard work and a lot of creativity to achieve greatness in their field.

But an artist is someone who gives the creative plans,dreams,vision,postmodern thinking to the normal people.

Without Art, People will do what they are doing in their last 10 years.An art can change a machinery daily worker into a CEO of Number One Social Network.

Besides,What An artist need? 


No! He Need Some More.

A Great Artist can fall into a bowl of empty black hole of lacking creativity some times.It is not because of '..He used all of his creativity into something and he have no more.


He is a dumb robotic machine who steal ideas..'

But It is Actually a black Hole Called Creativity Block.We all fall into this thing.It is normal !!

But how to get rid of that?

We cannot achieve anything if laziness aheads, even if you having Motivation,Energy,Creativity,Hard Work,/Laziness will makes you a dumb.

Laziness actually comes to the ones who does hardworks,it's true.

If one achieves something in his plan in any small or large scale and watch it as a another person,it reveals the bad things (discorage or fake succes)about that.Relaxation helps you to think like an another mind.But Too Much of relax will be a result of first sequence.,Laziness!


    It is the most Undeniable factor that ruins not only the art but soul.There is a difference between relaxation and  pride (which comes after achievement).The relaxation is something that you work continuously with some interest ,and a break is a called relaxation.And not a non-working hours with happiness without reason.We always circulates our path in the hole laziness in the means of relaxation.

What is relaxation?

     When your interested work made you exhausted, you need some change of activities that something relatable or non relatable work to keep your brain refreshed.Too much of Any work will became a laziness source, Even when you keep working on things with confident , will be disaster.At the time Travel up into a different path of field in your mind and then come back to work with the fruits that have to be cooked on your field.

Achievement is the biggest spoiler of hard work.Not saying One should not get that,but one should not think steps of work as an Achievement.It is a simple task like eating main dish with 4 sub-dishes.Keeping the control of mind keeps you active,the creativity comes to the active ones.

You say sadness,tired and broken also gives creativity? Yes it is.
We talking about the Mind Active, not about body things or hearty matters.Even about to die person will have creativity to plant a tree - is an active mind.Activity on Different things ,And a Sudden Changeable things with some relaxation will get rid of the laziness.

There is a quote that keeps you go"...People are not lazy, people have impotent goals(goals that do not inspire them)..."

Inspiration comes when having correct knowledge,Knowledge is something bended with the activity of some work.Keeping Active Mind Will destroy the laziness.

2.Exhausted Machine

       The title will  Give the spark of what comes next. Laziness is the factor that gives the tired mind as well as keeps you exhausted and make give up on things.

Doing something very strange that are different,un-meaningful.But the unmeaningful work should help out with your regular interested work.Such things are like Writing the whole things that come up on your mind at the seconds,Drawing the faces,evilness,happiness with your skill,Not draw extra-ordinary or even ordinary but what you think! what you can! you are now the picasso. And Do nothing with the drawing and writing. Just pin them to something priceable.And Go back to your work and do your work a 30 percent and look at what you done in the drawing/writing time,from a long distance with a different angle.It is the factors will definitly boost you up.Remember it requires also the activity of mind and keep that mind.


                  Its a Dangerous Task Which Affects And Ruins Your Path.Although Comparison have to be made in Field for  the Improvements,sometimes it Affects The Working part Instead Of The Negative Lazy Part Of Ours.So, Comparison should be a friend who tells about yourself and how yourself differ from others....How your works differs from other works....How works of you and others not differ and Then What is Good For You and Literally Thousands Of Questions Between You,Yourself,Other,other's Work,Your Work are Made to Be worked will be a Best Comparison.Handling These Things Is Like 'Blade On A Half-boiled egg'.
A Much Care Should Be Taken.

4.Forget your past:

        Picasso once says "The Chief Enemy Of Creativity Is A Good Sense".A sense comes from the past life you lived,learned,understood.Forget the past ,Forget all the things you learned,felt,your slang,your culture,your medium,your emotions,your first cry,your first love,your first sex,your first passion all the things.You are a born-child with old body,what you think is not from the earth,or even from universe.You will make things that can't be said it is from another universe,but Think like it is as a fresh mind.

Every work needs atleast a 0.01 percent inspiration that from another work,it can't be said a copy of work,it is a boost that helps you going.The inspirational things comes from a little ant or a big feature film.But What you creating is something different,apart from what they did.One cannot do the same exact work as someone do,although human have same Parts......Feelings,Faces,Works,Ability,Prints differ.Think the logic term for a 30 percent of a work,then forget the logic and work and  again Think with the loaded logic.Creativity surviving between the battle and slavery domination of mind and heart.

5.Travel with the Things.

            Travel-the word is something that can be gives you The Freshness of a Just-Born Waterdrop on a Flower.Feel The Freshesness,Travel doesn't mean something that body goes to a good climate place with some things and thinks and comes back.It is something ,Mind only Controls.One person can sit over 2 hours and travel within their mind and also with the environment.One must escapes from the reality and achieve the goodness.Body will travel as well as you have energy,Mind travels as well as world lives.Sudden change on our thoughts with some extreme feel will help relief the first stage of block.Keeping Things with force will always become a crap.So Changing Flowness,Un-Knotting of Things will give results.

Doing the 5 points will gets you started.BE ACT!VE with M!ND...


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