The Philosophy Of Aesthetic


Also Called/Pronounced as Esthetic which generally means the sentence "Criticism of taste " Or "Concerned with beauty".However The Sentences make place for the word 'aesthetic' in Art,It does not stage them Perfectly.

The Senses :

The Aesthetic is actually Defines the Purity Of Each Senses.Although Aesthetic is something that alive Only In Our Thoughts like god,It Feels the Same Way as the god Meant To Be.
Each And Every Sense In The World.Apart From Smell,Hearing,Touch,Vision,Taste there are Billions And Trillions Of Senses we actually feels everyday.Affection,Loneliness,Love,Devotion,Tradition,Sex,Violation,Addiction,Separation....Etc.,Which are the Results of Collaboration Of The Thoughts On Six Senses.There are many in the way.But it Cannot Simply Resembled,if one Talks about the Love,At the same time he can't intake the Natural Presence/the Feel of Separation.But its Also a Sense ehich give a defense feel to our heart.In that was, we All circled with the Same Emotions and Feeling which made for ourselves by our Past And we can't get out of it and Feel the other.Aesthetic is Something that gives the Energy and Truth to Feel The Extra Course of sense.Aesthetic Not Only Gives Senses To The One Who Can't.But It Also Gives Immense Structure and Beauty to the Emerged Sensitive People in a Antagonist Way.So Its Not a Valid One To Call Aesthetic is Good Or Bad.But It Is Just a Intake Feel/Device Which Is Good In Good Hands.

The Definition :

Aesthetic Is Defined As Study Of Beauty In Nature.

•The Best Beauty With Depth ,Looks Good.

• It is Accomplished by the Good Quality of the Following Combination Shapes,Colors,Textures,Material, Simplicity, Symmetry,And Pattern.


It's Derived From Greek Word Aisthetikos meaning "Sensitive" Which in Turn Derived From The Word Aisthanomai meaning "feel,sense".

      Aesthetic is a science which treats the general perception of sensual people.
After That,in the 18th century the Word gets Some Of The Other Cultural Influence and it gets Characterstics with the Objects. 


The Problem with the World that Doesn't understand the concept of Aesthetic is that It (Aesthetic)Actually/Also Belongs or Deals  with philosophy.People Are Generally So Cruel/Dramatic to accept Philosophy.Because Philosophy is a Truth Which Slaps Hard On Faces of Bad/Antagonist/Lazy/Romantic/Cultured/Heroic/Good/Hardworking/Natural/communistic/ People.Yes All Of Them!

Aesthetic Is Something That Gives Billions Of Information Bad As well As Good About Something.

.....Only The Hardworking Guy Of That Something Can Understand The Meaning And Fights With Them.

       Ugly (Ugly Is Something That Poorly Crafted with The Questions of why Is It Even Made? that Actually Never going to used as Toilet Shit)

And Beauty Is Simply Opposite to The Ugly.

...The Image I Used For Antonym(ugly) give The Meaning Of 'Nothing'.So it actually means Nothing to tt's word of Nothing Which is Opposed to Something.Something that means Aesthetic.The image of Nothing is Actually Something.So The Image is Also an Aesthetic.

Aesthetic is as Merged/Emerged with/from senses,It is Also a Sense that is Have to be Felt, Understood.

And Can Explain About Aesthetic Is  No-Thing.

sources/courtesy : Wikipedia,Artyfactory,artflute,googleimages.

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