An Alcoholic Thoughts on Ethics Of Human Life

Bible says that any human being has to follow moral values and norms in order to live peacefully in our planet. 

The Old Ancestors used to live by those principles that often made into history and are still studied by our teenagers in classrooms.
The term Ethic was first created by philosophers and literates from the ancient Greece. According to them, life is a gift. Happiness and sadness depend on how we live our life and how we destroy it with things called love and society. 

Masterpieces from literature - yes I'm referring to those old and dusty books written by bored people in the past centuries- speak out loud about this
They can affirm that Aristotle had a great sense on moral values. But is there truth among all those pages?

According to an Aristotle quote, life is  the biggest gift from God and we must achieve success in this Earth during our short life.

Success, yes! In the Rat Race.

We have to accomplish something in order to be tagged as succesful person.

Ethics can be one way to gain success, maybe the easiest.This is what our ancestors have written in manuscripts. 

 For a Non-religious guy, Thirukkural would be great source of moral values. But not following such moral values in our life might be better. Centuries ago the people were mostly illitterates, but at the same time they were aware of life and humanity. Not much a Rat Race.They knew how to live and what is life.

Now just think about our present situation,

Is there still humanity within us...? 

Is this a right way to lead a life...? 

Nowadays, people are moving towards materialistic goals.

There is no humanity, love and peace. As technology develops we are moving downwards in our own-self.

We get into mobile-phones, social networks, television and even politicians that dont know how to treat correctly other humans.We need to develop their own economy and status in a society.

We are growing up in our society where we are taught that we must become businessmen, doctors and engineers. As our society develops,Nature in Humanity gets into graveyard.

"There are no relationships and hospitality around us anymore"

And whatever you are going to do, you are still going to be pissed off for sure.!!!
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