Where SRK lost ?

18th Dec 2015 - The day the King Lost... In bollywood till 2015 there was a popular rule of not to go against #ShahRukhKhan whenever his movie releases. As far as I could remember SRK never lost a clash till 2015 and the opponents have suffered a huge burn. So, when SRK was coming back with Rohit shetty who already gave a huge blockbuster in chennai express and also with Kajol, the expectations were sky high for #Dilwale. On the other hand, we have SLB confidently clashing #BajiraoMastani with Dilwale given that the same guy 8 years ago gave one of the biggest disasters with Saawariya clashing against Om Shanti Om. Let's all admit that Dilwale was a piss poor movie but still everyone thought with the kind of stardom SRK has he could beat the SLB-Ranveer combo with eyes closed but they were all ready to receive a shock of their lifetime. Not only did Bajirao over power dilwale critically but it collected more than it at Indian box office after opening to a comparatively lesser weekend numbers. In Overseas however, Dilwale scored huge and the overall worldwide gross for the movie was higher than that of Bajirao. But, then again, defeat is a defeat however you try to defend it. This marked the decline of SRK from the baadshah of bollywood to a dude who can't get anything right. 3 years later, the same Ranveer and Rohit Shetty reunited with Karan johar for #Siimba and gave SRK another special mudhugu kuthu (backstab) by absolutely decimating #Zero. By this time, the fear was gone as SRK already was at his lowest so it was not really that big a deal.
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