Ram Charan as Right Wing Pandering Person

#RRR and why it is right wing pandering? See at the end of the day movie is business and there is politics in art as well. So as a film maker and a business man, #SSRajamouli , his father #VijayendraPrasad and RRR team make what sells. I didn't intend to do write this piece, but many who accuse others of twisting what is depicted, saying Rajamouli just paid homage only to Alluri Seetharamaraju made me write this. Yes, there is a strong tribute to Alluri Seetharamaraju in the climax. But, what is also present in the climax was the homage to Lord Rama and an attempt to please the right wing and "hindutva" followers as well. Before the events unfold, NTR takes Ramcharan to a forest and what is there? No prices for guessing - A "Ram" mandir. Then he takes the clothes from there and gives the alluri seetharamraju get up to ramcharan. Many who know telugu history will know it, many people in the 2 andhra states will know it but will most North Indians know it? For them, it is some freedom fighter who is also a perfectly designed allegory to Ram. If this is not enough, He names his lover "Sita" and uses NTR in many places exactly like Lord "Hanuman" (The ring scene in ramayana becomes a pendant in necklace here). And if all this is not enough the song lyrics in the climax goes like this. "Raama, the descendant of Raghu lineage is the greatest of all warriors and his charm as the emperor is unmatched. His bow is as powerful as Lord Shiva’s the sound of which scares his enemies to death." It is very obvious here that this is also a reference to Lord Ram. If all this is not enough, the politics in climax goes one notch higher. The climax song has a direct reference to popular figure in saffron politics, "Chatrapathi Sivaji" whose timeline is very different from the rest of the freedom fighters but chooses to omit "Gandhi" who was right up there as a leader who fought for our freedom. I am not accusing anyone as they make stuff which sells but don't ever try to defend saying it ain't political. To quote a scene from Godfather, - "It hurts my intelligence".
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