GV Prakash Bachelor - A Malayalam Rip Off

Long rant post about BACHELOR

Life of bachelor song - copied from angamaly diaries title song ( even the making style too )

Malai nera theneer song - copied from premam chinna chinna Aasai song .

Pachigalam paravaigalam - end portion exact replica of do naina song from angamaly diaries. 

Apart from this Arjun reddy background score also has been completely ripped off and used. ( si senor song but no credits )

If you can’t give credit why to take effort and buy the rights ? Idhu ethically it equals to rip off.

One of the assistant director in the film claimed that they got the rights from original creators and used it . But nowhere we could see credits given to the original composers or the labels.  instead it has been credited as newly composed . 

Let’s leave the songs aside , the director is too pretentious . He is inspired by all the Malayalam films that got released recently and got influenced by the making style . I want to make something clear to the director , you can copy Malayalam making styles and recreate it but to create something unique as them it has to come from your writing . the film should be written under emotions not under some lazy mastrubation comedies . Also he has been pretty influenced by Arjun reddy and imitiaz Ali’s works  . 

Just because they found a new gimmick by mixing coconut with alcohol the poorly written character doesn’t become Arjun reddy . 

One example from the many scenes of bachelor is heroine falls for the pretty desperate hero just because he cooks her food when she isn’t healthy . ( "To Justy this, they will say Subbu character was in a emotionally weaker position and that pushed her into falling for Darling" It was like miskin saying 'logic pakathinga peranba parunga' ) Is this called love ? Is the film really a cult or path breaking movie ? Or why people hyping it up ? Just because it had few absurd relatable moments to current college going guys ?

Editing was very bad. For example why were those friends hit him in the nose actually? What was the problem? And also so many scenes are coming randomly without proper connection. 

Author : Vijay Gurunathan
GV Prakash Bachelor - A Malayalam Rip Off GV Prakash Bachelor - A Malayalam Rip Off Reviewed by Cinema Thoughts on January 23, 2022 Rating: 5

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