There is a larger amount of criticism towards the endhiran director shankar as his movies are preaching castiesm.It gets too trendy that if people post things praising shankar movies,the comments will be "nool theriyuthu bro " which is a troll towards a particular group of oppressor caste.Whatever the ideology of this 2.0 director or his motives ,his films surely takes the Indian cinema into next level of work.People decide to put more money into films only after he gave hits with huge budgets.

Lets Look at those criticism of his so films in a bigger lens.


Gentleman :

Starring : Arjun,Goundamani,Nambiar,Manorama

In a Flashback Portion a scene starring manorama and Nambiar. Nambiar says ," rendu pullaigalum kasta patu padichu district laye muthal edam vangiruka,ivangala ah vida kammiya mark vangunavanga( those who got seats through reservation) medical college la admission kedachuruku".

Shanker conveying that people who getting seats through reservation are not deserving and states that even district first marks cannot get a seat in medical college.While in a actual case people with district first mark,state first mark would get a straight counselling or will be helped to get a seat.

So in this scene he directly states false facts  against reservation which is an act to empower the oppressed community to make them participate in the process of society.

muthalvan tamil movie


1.)In a scene Father of Arjun character says ," Un jaathagam pathen da TN laye 2 peruku tha ipdi jathagam irukama onnu " Rajaji" innonu neeyu". People Usually states Kamarajar name or anna name for a complimentary.People know the politics of Rajaji and Periyar who worked his life against bhramanical patriarchy.Rajaji is well known for his kurukula kalvi scheme and his braminical patriarchial behaviours.

2.)A college girl who was being harassed says ," Sir inga pakathula iruka "KUPPATHU" porukki pasanga enga kita thappa nadanthukaranga sir".Kuppam (Slam) is a area where the dalit and the oppressed class people usually lives.There is no necessary to pull the area into the scene to show depth.The dialogue could be simply.. " sir poruki pasanga enga kita thappa nadanthukaranga sir" or else if he wants to convey the uneducated fellows out side the college simply "pakathu area pasanga enga kita thappa nadanthukaranga sir".That will be enough to convey the emotions.But He Pulled the Area of an oppressed community to preach the castiesm and how the people will be in the Kuppam (Slam).

By this article it doesn't meant the slam boys are all good ones.But It is unnecessary to project entire slam area people as bad people.

boys tamil movie

Boys :

In a Parents Discussion Scene.

All the parents will be sitting in sofas unlike vivek who is not a parent.But parents of Siddarth who is living in a household usually a place for oppressed  are the only parents who are standing and suggesting their opinions.But Don't know its preplanned or just happened.

Anniyan : 

1.) There is a character Charlie will be playing a lazy guy who was from a slum area  who spits in road carelessly and gets punished for being like that.But when it comes to a guy from a particular hero' caste.When he spits in a train,its usual.The Guy who spits from a train cannot be punished by the terms of karuda puranam because of his caste.

3.) Karuda purana anniyan punishes a landlord who raises the rent price and put him dead.But the particular caste guy who rejects talents and only selects people for money ont be killed but punishes in butt only.

It shows the other version of castiest mindset.

4.) A guy From bus who harass Nandhini(heroine) ,Goons Who Kidnap Anmbi and hits him hard are all from slum.Why There is no other area contains bad people?

Shankar just wants to generalize something that slum is a bad are and the people in it are bad ones.

sivaji fight scene

Sivaji :

In a Scene Villan of the film says "Adhisesan na pottu vechutu pongal sapdruvan nu nenachiya Aadhi "Kasimedu" Aadhi da" The Director need not any area names to make the Villan terrific.But Still he choos to do.Even if any area have to be noted.He Could have used Mylapore, Adyaar,Egmore or anything.Not again the slum and the areas resembles dalit people. 

By Shankar Films point of view ,People who comes from slum are either rowdies or uneducated.

Endhiran :

Aiswarya will be playing a student studying for some exam.But there will be sound/songs that will be disturbing the students.So Chitti walks to the place where song comes from and finds out that it is also a slum.And also you can notice the difference between how slum people reacts to the robot and how the other people reacts to the robot.They projects the slum people are completely ignorant and lacks education about robots.

In I Movie he created a slum guy as protagonist which is supposed to be a good thing.But he clearly states that the hero emerges from a very low level of uneducated dirty life to a more modernized educated lifestyle.He Doesn't speak the same language when he gets successful in life.How could someone's slang will automatically be changed ? His behaviour will be changed,His attitude, Maturity everything wille be changed. It shows the only low level people will speaks that particular language slang.It Again projects the lifestyle, behaviours of slum people and how they are unsuccessful.



In a scene  starring Kamalhassan,crazy mohan, Goundamani 

Crazy mohan doesn't give bribe to get licensed for his vehicle,while a guy gets license bribing them.When this happens.. Goundamani utters "Dai Parthasarathy" ( which is a hint to tell a particular caste name. For which crazy mohan accepts and says 

"Crazy Mohan : Epdi kandupuduchinga"


Goundamani says " Paathale teriyuthe"

Goundamani found out that he is from a particular caste just because he refuse to bribe.In This Scene Director Shankar tries to potray that one oppressor community are good people that doesn't want to bribe while the other caste people will bribe to get licensed.

The greatest skill of shankar is that he doesn't work hard to insert these castiest manipulations.He just sprayed it very well we can't just catch it on screen with consciously.

Look at who will be the bad characters of his films.. a ration shop labour,Lineman,Housing board and North Chennai People and people who works low level in government.These people are not biggy in towns.He keeps this characters in every films and these kinda people will always be bad in audience mind.

Shankar is a great film-maker no doubt who takes the Indian cinema into next level.But he can potentially take the film to this level without inserting castiest ideologies in to Art.

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    1. These are actually pseudo intellectual people who take out their jealousy through these articles in the name of making people aware.

  3. Who's villain of mudhalvan, who's villain of Anniyan? Those people are not oppressed right... You, only take points that strengthen your argument... 👎

    1. Exactly! But it's no more strange because successful people have haters. It's not surprising that successful director like Shankar has this type of hater who will just keep lame points to defame Shankar Sir.

    2. if he takes villain in that way everyone will ask him, so just inserting his caste cruel mind in small chotta scene. kyarreeeeee setting ahh

    3. 2023 shankar is not a successful director his ERA already over. he is just copy cat same like atlee, guys should also watch world cinemas.

    4. Okay, Which movies of him are u calling Copy ?? Kindly Explain.

  4. Haters gonna hate. Keep Trying. Doesn't matter How much u try but u can never stop any successful person who worked hard to be successful, from reaching his target. Keep Trying and Keep Crying.👎👎👎👎


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