Retold Story Of Othello - Shakespeare Drama

 Othello Summary :

     Othello, the Tragic Drama by William Shakespeare who is the fame Literarian in England.In this drama Shakespeare brings out emotional things like Love,Possession ,Jealous and Anger.

The Hogarth Shakespeare project is an effort by Hogarth Press to re-tell and re-imagine some of the famous works by William Shakespeare for a more modern audience

The main theme is he speaks out Racism[black and white].He ends the drama as a Tragedy.Why should we think that Othello is tragic drama??

Othello Summary and Analysis :

 The play starts at Venice in Italy[which is a land of water and love]. Othello is a Venetian General.Shakespeare portraits Othello as a dark man but with boldness. Yes! He is a brave man of world.He is not a Handsome.The Heroine of the drama Desdemona is just opposite to Othello.Shakespeare views Desdemona as a gorgeous and calm girl. She falls in love with Othello even she doesn't see him with her eyes. She only imagines him by other's words about the Brave Othello. She just attracts by his boldness. One day She sees and approaches him. Both are fall in love with each other.They eloped and married together. Othello wants to show that he wins Desdemona's heart by fair not by magic. They live happy life. Then the cunning fellow Iago comes and collapses their life.
 Iago hates Cassio. He wants to destroy him. So, He plays around Cassio and Othello. Iago targets Cassio but it finally ends with Desdemona's  death and Othello's suicide. Iago tells that Cassio has illicit contact with Desdemona. Iago again and again tells Othello to take revenge against Cassio. Finally he plans a scene that he places her a handkerchief in Cassio's lodgings which is the first presentation given by Othello.Othello sees that Iago explains all the things and Othello trust Iago's words. He came to conclusion without any other explanation.He suspects her girl and wants to kill her,because he doesn't want that no one are own her. He goes and meets his loving wife,and he speaks emotionally. Even though when she knows that her beloved man is going to kill her,she loved him more. She is happy to her death because she gonna die by her man. Finally,Emilia brings out Iago,s cunning plan,that Desdemona and Cassio were not wrong. Othello feels shy about his behaviour. At eleventh hour,Othello also commits suicide,he stabbed himself.
 Let we think the end of the drama in a positive way. The first think is Desdemona was the first who said her unconditionable love towards Othello. Though she haven't seen him,she showed her enormous love towards him.  Everyone says that he was dark and unfair but she looked only his love towards her. Why should Shakespeare make Othello to suspect her? On the other hand  being a brave and a man in higher position in an army he could have thinked about this once or twice before killing her, or he could have asked Cassio or Desdemona about this. So that by asking Cassio and Desdemona Othello may understand what is going on and why Iago is trying to confuse him. By making the play in tragedy in Shakespeare make the hero as a Insanity who believes what other says and doesn't want to know the real things behind that.
According to us,Othello may ends with a comedy not a tragic paly.  If the play ends in a comic way,surely we would missed a great tragic play and the Great Villain Iago.Othello Characterization Is Structured In a More Ethnic Way.
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