How To Make a Character Larger Than Life?

How To Make a Character Larger Than Life?

Character Should Be Three Dimensional :

How To Make a Character Larger Than Life?

Your Character can be either good or bad.What the important factors that derives audience to look into your character is it's depth.

"Your Character should reflects in all the way by his Own Style."

That Is Three-Dimensional Reality Character...It Contains Many layers of information,Emotions and Behaviors.They never tend to obey the Rule-System and never depend on Anyone to make things for them.They did it by themselves and They follow their own set of Rules and may make others obey them.

They always hungry for something they love.Which is in the next Caption...

They Never Give Up :

How To Make a Character Larger Than Life?

Why they always tend to disobey other's rule is that they have their own rule to follow.So  they never become hoax on the failure of what they believe they are doing.And even if the truth dare them,they accept and give it a different punch, enough to set it as a record.They cynically lost all interest in a higher purpose of the normal world.

Remember this thing in mind,that your character is either Good Or Evil they are same when it comes to Strong Character.It's not like the villain says " We are not different ,you and me" and then the hero punch him with the dialogues "I'm nothing like you".

Don't Write these type of idiotic lines,One cannot be a good villain to someone lesser or bigger than him.They Have something that the other don't have.But They will be Equal at last.

The Backstory or The History :

How To Make a Character Larger Than Life?

Tell the audience the backstory of your character.

How the character is difference from others?

Why this one? 

Every Strong character emerges from the struggles,disappointments,pains and lot of failures.

That Make them a Strong and Deeper one.So giving a backstory of why they turned like this.. because the birth doesn't tell you to be you.
So The backstory can be a psychological or circumstances things that affect him/her to do so.

It is either Good Or Bad,they turn out to be on their learned way.Some Bad Backstory may construct a good one or Vice Versa.But There Are Exceptional Characters,They Never fit into anything and have no backstory and they doing really bigger things.But you have to work out for it.

Backstory is the thing that make these characters more believable and understanding.Thus if you don't have a backstory,you have to put more details and visual explanation for your character through body-language and behavior and things he/she doing.

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