90's Kid : A Lovable Lie Story

90s Are always the best century the world ever had,The 90s kids Shows,Movie,Songs Best to entertain and help to live a good life.And Now We are gonna have a cute short love story here.

In an old fashioned City,

The Period is about 90's age.
The age Where Love is Some Beautiful Thing happened between a Girl and a Boy only once.
Where the happiest games are football,Baseball and Cricket ,not a rectangular  box.

In Such a period , A boy with his Dad have been living happily in their roadside house with their nature of extraordinary Humour Sense.

The Real heroic Dad helps his son get what he wants,and helps miles to get him achieve that.
They have faith in life and they worship his wife ,his son's mother.

They both help each other get their things as well as fight for things,just like best friends.

The boy as he attains his menscular age,he wants a girl to fall in love with.
He Wants a true love just like his mother to his father.
So He Attempts a number of girls with his charming and humor sense, with the help of his dad.

The First Attempt was his schoolmate,his past crush ,he saw her after a long long later,in a beach.
Suddenly he falls in love with her eyes again.He then tried hard with his ideas to made a dinner with her  and they become close friends.At Last with his dad's thoughts he waits for the right turn.Their door knocked.He , his Dad Shocked ,The School girl is on the door.With this Surprising event they goes nuts...They literally get flying.And suddenly she gave him an invitation for her marriage.Oops!!! a Happy ending becomes humor as shit.He maintains his gentleness.His Dad laugh out loud ,after she gone.

With the Second Attempt with his colleague girl,With the help of His Romantic Heroic Dad (after son working several things for him,dad accepted).By the idea of his dad,He Made a Romantic,Surprising, Cinematic event for his 2nd love on her birthday.Obviously with this event and his charming humor,The girls fallen and The Hero is Happy,The story ends.... Wait She falls for a temporary commitment only and not for a long period Relationship.And again Failed.He got heart-broken as his 
thoughts and love not became successful.

At Last ,the frustration made the hero to accept for an arranged marriage.The Hero had to go on a date with the girl on the Parents Decision .They accept and went for a dinner.

He asked,The Girl Accepted.
The hero enjoyed as well as the girl with each other company.Story End...


Yes,The Best-friends Did that.
The Love Stories was all a lie told to the dinner girl.
He Never commit a girl in his previous life.It Was all an idea given by his Dad To Get The Dinner Girl.He told the stories with his charming and humor sense to her.With his Charm,sympathy and humor the girl fallen for him.

And Dad's Ideas worked well Done!

The End.

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