Corruption On Feminism : The Freedom Of Women

"...The Day a Woman can Walk Freely on the Roads, that Day we can Say We Achieved Independence..."

                                                    - MOHANLAL KARAMCHAND GANDHI

By means of this quote, "Feminism"  is addressed to be one of the important factors in Independence Of A Country.Feminine is the biggest Insurance one country Could have.


                 Movement for women and getting own rights.It's started in the late 1500 to the early 1600 century. It is a rights for a women to deserve their lives.

Why Feminism Reasonable ?

                   Feminism is very significant for current society. Our technology grows day-by-day but still the mentality of a normal man is worse. Though Education is completely grown-up,in someplace it spoils many things. Feminism is a spoken thing which is often spoken today because of domination and abuses. Ancient days, Men dominated Women by their ignorance,but in the present age even though the Men educated, they dominate Women.Due to their Cirsumstance,They can't own lands and occur Mortgage and loans. They don't even get degree.Compared to the olden age Girls deserve their rights on Education and their Lives. Feminism is the root for Women's development in the society. In recent days, Women get more of the source which is available in the world. First and foremost they get Education, Employment reservation, Property and Common rights. In Tamilnadu, EVR plays vital role to raise his voice against plight of the women. We all know about the system of sati ( if the husband dies, wife must be burn with the deadbody of her husband ) and child marriage. British rulers also dominated us but they changed many supernatural beliefs which has followed in India. It's also a another root for Feminism.


                  Jotibha Phule was a Feminist of India who strongly opposed Gender Equality and he was also the founder of  Women Education. After his protest, Women started to get Education and they started to view the outer appearance of thev World. Apart from lonliness, they were free to know about current situation in their society. This changes and ideas were called Feminism. It is considered to be a major problem in our society. Feminism is just a word which is only spoken out in words not done practically. We all know about the abuses against Girls is increasing now a days. There is no difference between a Child and a Women. Everyday more than 10 children were raped by Men. Though many of those foolish jerks were educated, they do not think about Women pain and their future. They need their own happiness. After 20th century many speaks that Women has rights, and get rights equal Men.
But still now Women do not have any freedom. We were restricted in many places. So, Feminism is spoken aloud till thus century. India got freedom in 1947,  but the real freedom is when a girl is respected as a common human being. So we must protest for our freedom till we attain our goal. To overcome Male chauvinism in a society all of us must think about ourself and the pain of women when she is forced and illtreated in many places.What if transfer all the things to men and Credit Women.For these things Women lawyers have to be made to claim Their desired Credits.

radical feminism

Why Feminisim Objectionable?

                   Feminism is trend which  is spoken then and now. Though these ideas are acceptable in  many place it is objectionable. The abuse against the child must be restricted and they must be punished severely.But the abuses and harrashment against Women must be spoken as an issue whether it is  acceptable? or objectionable? Many of us says that it must be acceptable because the society is completely collapsed by  Male chauvinism. But in some situation it may be Objectionable.
         We says that Women were dominated by Men but the ways and activities of many Women make Man to dominate them. Our olden cultures and traditions were completely collapsed and changed by the western culture. When Britishers colonize as our dressing style and our culture is changed. Now in the present century the society is completely polluted by Cosmopolitan  (mingle with all culture) life style. Many of the  girls change their dressing style and their activities in the society. When this change, many of the unwanted activities took place in the world . When a Woman is abused, not the activities of a Man must be seen, but the behavior and the dressing of a Girl must be noted. Many of the foreign countries were inspired by the tradition and culture followed in India. But in the present age, it is completely spoiled. She must know about herself and the society when she moves out of her room. In the later period, when Girls are given freedom, they were allowed to get Education, Employment, Right to vote, Equality in marriage life. 

feminism vs man hater

          Though many of the Girls know their own limitation, many others refuse this idea  and need to follow the western culture. So,the abuse of Women is due to herself sometimes. Now a days the World is completely addicted by social media and the development of technology.Even the Children at the age of 10 were  interestingly involved in social media .Yet there are many useful  things in media,it also contains many of destructive things.So,the Girls must be aware of this.Next to this ,is illegal relationship of a Woman.Now a days many of this girls after their marriage they were attracted by others and having affairs with them. When we look at this type of Women ,we may think that, why should a Women must need freedom ?better she can stay in the kitchen .This idea is acceptable only against those who do not mind about their limits and restriction in a society .When a Girl is given freedom ,she must utilize it in a proper manner .But rather than that many of the Girls uses their own freedom in many wrong ways .In early days we did not get freedom,so we protest for it.But now we get freedom till now we protest for it .What may be the reason ? The reason is none other that we ourself made the situation wrong.When we analyse a problem, we must judge our answer by seeing both the sides. In many places the main reason for these harrashment against Women is a Women sometimes. Not only a male is dominated a Women, a Women too dominates Women who is working below her .Though the birds of some feather do not support its flock then hoe does a bird from another flocks support and protect them. So, We speak Feminism against Male chauvinism but it start among their own gender. So, as a Feminist we should not speak only against Male chauvinism, We must analyse the other reasons too.

feminism in literature

Feminism On Literature :

                       Literature is a worldwide art to convey our thoughts whatever the field is. Literature  is also a major key to express one's own  thoughts on Feminism. In early days, Women started to express their feelings and struggle through Literature. They also used Literature to aware people about Women Harrashment. During early days, Women not allowed to come out of their rooms, so they took Literature as a tool to convey their struggles and sorrows to the society. Fortunately,it made them to be a successful person in the world. Their writings also became a inspiration to many Girls. Following them, even Male writers talked about Feminism, but compared to Women writers, their ideas were not conveyable.Men writers wrote their ideas by expressing their sympathy not by empathy. 

Writers in Literature,

                   Mary Woolstonecraft who was the first Feminist writer in England and also she was considered as a Grandmother of Modern Feminist Writer. "A Vindiction of the Rights of Women"  which was the work her. The theme of the work is Women must have Education. According to her, Men are superior to Women because of Education. Then and now Women Education is must to lead a perfect family in a successful way. Next to her, Emily Dickinson, American Feminist poet of 19th century. Her major theme is about responsibilities of Women and their role in society. One of her Feminism work is "The Bustle In A House". It is a poem which deals with a feelings of a Women after the death of her loved one. Geroge Eliot was one of the famous Feminist in Victorian Era. "Middle March" is considered to be her critical work on Feminism. In this work, she deals with the idea of life handled and faced by Women in this society which is dominated  by Man. Virginia Woolf is conceded as the founder of "Modern Feminist Literary Criticism". In her "A Room Of One's Own Room" work deals about Women's freedom. She also said that every Women must have own room and money to spend her time. Kamala Das also called as Kamala Surayya,one of the most famous Indian Feminist. Her works deals with Women's issues on society. She was the controversial writer who openly talked about all the problems faced by Women. Her Autobiography "My Story" conveys her own problems and plight that she faced after her marriage. Once and again, Women authors emerged to talk about their sufferings and difficulties through the art called Literature.

The Protection and Independence Have To be Given to the Women.A Special Way Of Treatment.Thus We can't Loose it on their Own.Because Women are like Children.So We have to Protect them as well as taught them to protect themselves on their own and educate what is Feminism.It will give them a sort of Recovery from the old Male Domination. 

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