Why We Have To Celebrate New Year?

New Year January 1,

  The Another Year Comes To An End.We The Tradition People celebrates New Year And Thinks That they Close The Door and enters into a new world.It Is the time people gets excited celebrates with friends,families,and theirs caring ones.This is When The Friends becomes best friends,Best Friends Becomes acquaintance and All.And sending Greetings and irritating whatsapp messages yo People To Make Feel Like Special ,Fake Special.

What Is New Year?

New Year is An Old Tradition we follows,and Celebrates but don't have the fucking Real Meaningful reason to it.Some Says It's a new beginning that we can realize and do something new.How come We say it's the new beginning as we have other new years in Other countries.Some Have new year celebration 11 hours-8months after we celebrated new year which having 365 days.Besides In means of science,It Is the Real New Year Have 365 days Is Actually The earth Revolves around the Sun.But In fact earth revolution contains 365.25 days.To Complete The Complexion of Revolution of Earth,we adjust and fix the leap year.By  The concept Of Leap Year we have to Celebrate 4 years once.And Also Circles doesn't have an end Or Beginning mark.So New Year Is a Lie,Begininng new journey is Fucking Fake and joke.In The means,All the Holidays,Birthdays,Feativals And Diwali,Ramzan,Christmas All


People Actually Don't Have Valuable life Happiness to have by own.o They Made Some Holidays,Festivals, and Specially New Year to Have Fake meaningless Happiness.Like "Poor People Says Money Can't Buy Happiness to Support and Adjust Their Own Coward Fearable Thought Of their Future Life That They Don't Have.Festivals are Made For That,Except own Holidays,Enthusiasm Events.P oor People=New Year People Who Have Nothing To Cheer Up,So Have invented some day for them to Celebrate.

A New Beginning.

For Some Think That It's A New Beginning and about  To Leave Bad Habits And Friends,Dreams and Make new Ones,Habits And Things,Neww Sayings.If the one doesn't truly by soul thinks about the Things,Even Its the day of  happily new year beginning,Its normal Day.So believing In your soul gives courage and Clear Out Cowardness, New Year and other things.One can Make Any Decisions At Any Time And Can Follow It,Except  Affected with a emotional heart.

But We Can't Go with without come Out Of The Box

Happy New Year!

Have A Gud Year Ahead!!!

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