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Every Year We the people of superstitions celebrate the Dasara as a festival for the death of Ravana,and  also We portray Rama And Seetha as the Love Gods.Is that the way it meant to be?

The Love of Ravana:

             As we all know (who studied the story)that ravana didn't kidnapped the wife of rama on his own desire but after that, the brother of rama cut the nose of ravana's sister surpangai,The ravana got very angry and his sister surpanagai explains the lovable charming looks and the beautiful queen like manners of sita,Ravana Get into the idea of kidnapping her for a revenge,but Eventually He fall in love with her. Ofcourse how can a masculine cannot fall in love with a exquistive lovable queen by heart soul?We are not saying that he is a pretty good hearted one,But the word of evil,demon,asuran are not belonging to him.And the Actual Evil Is Rama.

By Means Of Gods:

     Now Turn Back the chapters to see the historical nature of Ravana. Actually Ravanan And Kumbakarnan  are the  workers,Jaya and Vijaya who keeping the gate of the god Vishnu's Vaikundam,(The Place/Home of Vishnu Lord).At there once the manusyaputras of brahma(The sons borned from his mind)visited Vaikunda to see Vishnu.Due to their size,They Appear to be children,but they are not.So The Jaya And The Vijaya interrupt  their visit to god.They also says that vishnu is taking rest and can't see him now.But the Kumaras(manusyaputrans) told them that their vishnu is always available for their devotees,And Cursed both of them with their words.Vishnu Came and also got angry on jaya and vijaya.The Gatekeepers prayed the vishnu to lift the curse.The Vishnu says that "The curse of Kumaras Cannot Be Reversed And even If, I won't Forgive Both of you.So The Chance is that you two have to Either born Seven Times on earth as My Devotees Or Three Times as my Enemy" .The Jaya and Vijaya Cannot bear the thought of staying away from vishnu that long.So they Decided To go With the three Times,So they Can came to vishnu as soon as possible even its an Enemy thing.So by that means On the second birth,They born as Ravana And Kumbakarnan.So whose fault have became a disaster?.The poorly gatekeepers who Dosen't want their boss disturbed Because It's their Job?Or The Great Age Matured fu*ks the kumaras? Or The Bloody Criminal Assh*lic theft Vishnu?.You Make them do a job And Curse them For Doing The Job?But Some People says that the play was for the people to give Good Lessons? What? The lesson on the girl seetha who have unbearable humiliated regrets and go back into earth.It is what a girl ave to live?Is that the lesson Or the Ram who Is A man have the power to slave monkeys,beat anyone,and if he wants humiliates his own wife and throw her away in forest?.This is The Lesson we learn from the Holy Book Ramayana.

Famoua Activists On Ravana:

                  "If You Are Insulting Ravana ,You Are Insulting Me"Declared Mr.Karunanithi in a book release Function In chennai about 1998.In 1954,when the Congress Government prohibited an  M.R.Radha from staging Ramayana which have the goods on Ravana and decried Rama,karunanithi at the kamaraj ruling period opposes the ban on M.R.Radha.Also writes about Radha and his Stage in His magazine Murasoli.Two years later Dr.Rajagopalachari Declared article on Karunanithi and His Ravana Love in Tamil magazine Kalki.In 1971,Karunanithi as CM ,once again declared his love on ravana,By lifted the ban  put by Congress Government in 1948 On Pulavar Kulanthai's Book "Ravana Kaviyam" Which is a higly crafted book on the goodness and traits of Ravana.
Karunanithi is not alone on his way to court ravana,Scripted a play called Needhi Thevan Mayakkam(1947),In the Play Kamban(Author Of Kama Ramayanam) goes around looking for the proof for the good  image of rama while C.N.annadurai(Founder Of DMK) reveal the goodness on ravana which is unbearable.The Last But not least Periyar EV Ramswamy run his compaign against rama from 1920 to his death,He Said

 "The first act of any future Tamilian government would be to ban the reading of Kamba Ramayanam and set fire to that revolting book which has destroyed the honour of the Tamils."

He writes Book on this as Ramayana Paathirangal(1944),Ramayana:A True Reading(1959),Ramayana Kuripugal(1964)-In which he rendered the North Imperialism on South and the Brahimins opposition on sudras.the Hindi versions of his books banned in some lands,and then lifted in 1971.His Followers burnt some of the effigies of rama.

Rama:The Evil:

         In what Way the Holy Rama did good on people in earth?.He Su*ks Nothing.Actually He Born into a family of wealth and go behind a Girl Called Seetha and Win and Married her by his Hand and Did some craps to throw His girl from the home with him without Did any of the Masculine to stay against(Which he did to marry her) Or use his goodheart to Make it Right For a Girl to stay in A house.Instead He settled  in a forest of wild animal things.Apart From That,After Breaking the ravana love,He Drew her Back to his house with the thinking of her as a slut.Yes He the rama Questioned/Doubted her virginity  Which leadind to her agnipariksha. Where ravana is seen as the man who never violated her or even touch her but took her away with him to lanka where he treated her well that he made a privacy place for her instead of his palace and made a maidlady for her.For That reason,Some places in tamilnadu worships ravana and sees rama as the villain who treat a Girl unfairly.

Ravana Is All The ways comparable to Rama,in Heartnature,Power,Mind,Handsomeness,Strength,Maturity,Knowledge,Piety,Helphand on poor Souls.

Ravana The Thamzhilian:

From the land info and little ravana facts in Ramayana and some historical studies and research,The Ravana is a Thamizhian actually.He lives in srilanka and surrounded area.Years ago Not only Sri Lanka But the other Surrounded Area near Srilanka And Indian Ocean was A place Belonging to Thamizh people Named Kumari Kandam Which was Drowned totally into the sea.According to this,Some Made a story on a land named Atlantica Which is a fairy tale made in Northern region.
It Shows Not Only the Ravana And the Others are Thamzhilians But Also the northern Imperialism On South India.They Never loved south.From Years ago They made A BOOK and Made a north indian as a hero and made a thamzhilian as a poor desirable villain which he is not.

In Actual Factor Ravanan was a victim,Except the kidnapping case.Also there is an age problems.If he was born into this century he would be called a hero and ram would called as a psychotic villain.But the destiny has other problems.he is the perfect man for her,masculine,caring,family values,dignity,discipline,patience,sacrifice,but a little bit bad boy.You can see his sacrifice and patience and dedication in his patriotic devotion to the Lord Shiva whom he receives powers from.The love for seetha acquired from the description of his sister surpanaga,so it is actually like a fantasy he imagines with the love at first sight of one sided love.One may ask if he loves her truly he would let her go,but already told he is so patience and sacrificed that he think the patience and the explanation through his heart towards seetha.He wants her to love him truly then only he wants her really.His love for her was melancholic.At this period he forgets about his wife completely.How can one lose all the kingdoms,power and his life for an another person's girl?It is that he love her completely, he forgets all the things.But that make him a demon,an evil,an asuran?   All the things from the story are reflected in a wrong manner is the problem.We have to view from the different perspective and need a fresh interpretation.If that all are possible,then i would be called Ravanayan and Rama would be a psychotic villain.From Ravanayan we can learn many thinga as treating of women,and patience,sacrifice,adament nature of ram,the difference between wealthier and poor souls.

Apart from this,Seetha eventually fell in love with Ravana and cried when he died. There is also evidence from Valmiki Ramayana that she was uncomfortable going back to Ayodhya with Rama. But since Ravana had been killed she had no other choice... I really wish that Ravana had defeated Rama. Who knows. If that happened, maybe we would be celebrating the Ravana-Seetha love story today instead of burning an effigy of Ravana and claiming that dharma prevailed...

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  1. i likes your way of story telling keep rocks bro.!!

  2. Book III : Aranya Kanda - The Forest Trek Chapter [Sarga] 46

    SEETA maiya knew that Ravana was not a Brahmin - and she still went into his arms !

    Y ?

    Was she love lorn and frustrated ? As per this Chapter - Seeta found Ravana LOVELY LOOKING ! What is Lovely ? Or is it Love ?

    इति प्रशस्ता वैदेही रावणेन दुरात्मना - महात्मना- || ३-४६-३२
    द्विजाति वेषेण हि तम् दृष्ट्वा रावणम् आगतम् |
    सर्वैः अतिथि सत्कारैः पूजयामास मैथिली || ३-४६-३३

    32b, 33. duraatmanaa [mahaatmanaa] = by wicked minded one, [by great-souled Ravana]; raavaNena = by Ravana; iti prashastaa = thus, praised; maithilii vaidehii = one from Mithila, Vaidehi; dvijaati veSeNa aagatam = by twice-born [Brahman,] with getup, one who arrived; tam raavaNam dR^iSTvaa = him, at Ravana, on seeing; sarvaiH atithi satkaaraiH = with all, [casual] guest, [affordable] respects; puujayaamaasa = she started to revere.

    When the wicked minded Ravana praised her in this way, Vaidehi the princess from Mithila has seen him who has arrived in the getup of Brahman and started to revere him with all the respects affordable to a casual guest. [3-46-32b, 33]

    उपानीय आसनम् पूर्वम् पाद्येन अभिनिमंत्र्य च |
    अब्रवीत् सिद्धम् इति एव तदा तम् सौम्य दर्शनम् || ३-४६-३४

    34. tadaa = then; puurvam aasanam upaaniiya = firstly, seat, on fetching; paadyena abhinimantrya ca = with water, invited, also; saumya darshanam = he who has - gracious, bearing; [bhiksha] siddham iti eva = [food, alms] ready, thus, only; abraviit = said to him.

    She firstly fetched a seat him, then invited him with water for feet-wash, and then said to him who was lovelylooking, 'alms are ready.' [3-46-34]

    द्विजाति वेषेण समीक्ष्य मैथिली
    तम् आगतम् पात्र कुसुंभ धारिणम् |
    अशक्यम् उद्द्वेष्टुम् उपाय दर्शनान्
    न्यमंत्रयत् ब्राह्मणवत् यथा आगतम् || ३-४६-३५

    Maithili (seetha) found it impractical to enclose or tie down that one, who came bearing the brahmins’ saffron clothing with a bowl, and exhibiting trickery. So she judiciously invited that one who came as a brahmin, properly


  3. What does Seeta think of Rama the Limpet Impotentica – when Ravana is describing
    the worthless Rama to Seeta ?

    Can Rama and Seeta be divine ?


    na deveSu na yakSeSu na ga.ndharveSu na R^iSiSu |
    aham pashyaami lokeSu yo me viirya samo bhavet || 3-55-20

    “I behold none matchable to my vitality is existent among gods; among yaksha-s – no; among gandharva-s – no; among sages – no, nor anyone in any world. [3-55-20]

    raajya bhraSTena diinena taapasena padaatinaa |
    kim kariSyasi raameNa maanuSeNa alpa tejasaa || 3-55-21

    “What can you achieve with that dethroned, hapless, seer, vagrant Rama who is short-lived, for after all, he is a human with littlest vitality? [3-55-21]


    sthaapayitvaa priyam putram raaj~naa dasharathena yaH
    |manda viiryaH suto jyeSThaH tataH prasthaapito vanam || 3-48-15

     “Though Rama is the eldest son, king Dasharatha established his dear son Bharata as king, and because Rama is spineless he is put to flight to forests, and now, what is he and what am I, in matter of sovereignty. [3-48-15]

    tena kim bhraSTa raajyena raameNa gata cetasaa |
    kariSyasi vishaalaakSi taapasena tapasvinaa || 3-48-16

    “Rama is subverted from kingdom, thus dwindled is valour, thus winded down is his anima, thus he has become a pitiable one, thus he became an ascetic as nothing else is there for him to undertake, oh, broad-eyed lady, what do you aspire to do with such a Rama? [3-48-16]

    Hanooman describes “Rama’s limpdick to Seeta Chammiya” (Chapter 35 of Sundara Kandam)


     “His wrists, Fists and Chest are strong; his eyebrows, arms and foot are long. his knees, foot , hair ends are even; testicles; stomach and chest are elevated; his forehand, foot,eyecorners are red; lines on his soles, hair in the head and tip of his penis is smooth.”
     “He has 3 folds in neck and belly. his nipples, soles, lines on the soles are depressed. He has a foot which does not show off the nerves, hair roots with single hair, small membrame virile, a navel without any flesh and a round head.


  4. What does Seeta think of Rama and did she have any sexual feelings for Rama and did have any sexual calisthenics with Ravana ?

    2 Proofs

    1 - She was embarrased to sit on Rama's lap - as Ravana also made her sit on his lap
    2 - She SNIGGERED on Rama's success in war

    All this is as per the Ramayana

    Book VI : Yuddha Kanda - Book Of War Chapter [Sarga] 122

    Furthermore, when Rama boards the Pushpaka Vimana to go back to Ayodhya, he takes Seetha on his lap. Being taken on his lap, Seetha was very embarrassed:

    अङ्केनादाय वैदेहीं लज्जमानां यशस्विनीम् |
    लक्ष्मणेन सह भ्रात्रा विक्रान्तेन धनुष्मता || ६-१२२-१२

    He mounted the aerial car along with Lakshmana, his valiant brother wielding a bow and taking the illustrious Seetha, who was feeling embarrassed, in his lap.

    Book III : Aranya Kanda - The Forest Trek Chapter [Sarga] 30

    मुदा परमया युक्ता दृष्ट्वा रक्षो गणान् हतान् |
    रामम् च एव अव्ययम् दृष्टा तुतोष जनक आत्मजा || ३-३०-४०

    Janaka's daughter Seetha on seeing the hordes of demons eliminated, and even on observing her husband is also scatheless, she is all-smiles for him smiling sniggeringly.

  5. The Plight of the Hindooo cowards and strategists !

    Y did Laxman fail to rescue Seeta ? dindooohindoo !

    The Hindoo Limpdick Laxman had never seen Seeta's face !

    This is the plight of the Hindoo Martial impotentica race !

    Lakshmana respectfully said, 'I can only identify the anklets worn by mother Sita as I used to worship her feet every day.

    I cannot identify the bangles or necklace worn by her as I have never looked up at her face.'" Sai Baba. SS. 8/97. p. 204

  6. Hindoos claim that Seeta was not touched by Ravana ! But Seeta herself states that she was touched by Ravana and the "PERSON" of Ravana - and she again calls Rama a female pansy ! dindooohindoo !

    As per prior Chapters -she was sitting on Ravana's lap - when it is said that Ravana was cursed NOT TO TOUCH HER !

    Bull shit !

    Book VI : Yuddha Kanda - Book Of War

    Chapter [Sarga] 116
    Verses converted to UTF-8, Nov 09

    यद्यहं गात्रसंस्पर्शं गतास्मि विवशा प्रभो |
    कामकारो न मे तत्र दैवं तत्रापराध्यति || ६-११६-८

    8. prabho = O lord!; na it was not; me kaamakaaraH = my willfulness; iti yat = that; gataa asmi = when I came; gaatra samsparsham = into contact; (with the person of Ravana); aham vivashaa = I was helpless; daivam = my (adverse) fate; aparaadhyati = was to blame; tatra = on that score.

    "O lord! It was not my willfulness, when I came into contact with the person of Ravana. I was helpless. My adverse fate was to blame on that score."

    मदधीनं तु यत्तन्मे हृदयं त्वयि वर्तते |
    पराधीनेषु गात्रेषु किं करिष्याम्यनीश्वरा || ६-११६-९

    9. me hR^idayam tu = my heart on its part; yat tat = which was; madadhiinam = subservient to me; vartate = was abiding; tvayi = in you; kim = what; kariShyaami = could I do; aniishvarii = helpless as I was; gaatreShu = aniishvarii = helpless as I was; gaatreShu = with regard to my limbs; paraadhiineShu = with regard to my limbs; paraadhiineShu = which had fallen under the sway of another?

    "My heart, which was subservient to me, was abiding in you. What could I do, helpless as I was, with regard to my limbs which had fallen under the sway of another?"

    त्वया तु नरशार्दूल क्रोधमेवानुवर्तता |
    लघुनेव मनुष्येण स्त्रीत्वमेव पुरस्कृतम् || ६-११६-१४

    14. nR^ipa shaarduula = O excellent king; tvayaa tu = you; however; puraskR^itam = gave priority; striitvameva = to woman liness; laghunaa manuShyeNa iva = like a feeble man; anuvartataa = conforming; roShameva = to just an emotion of anger.

    "O excellent king! You, however, like a feeble man, gave priority to womanliness, conforming yourself to just an emotion of anger."
    September 13, 2019 at 10:53 PM

  7. What is the status of a woman in Hindooism ? Hear the words of Lakshmana ! dindooohindoo

    Lakshmana hiself cursed Seeta and he had a PREMONITION of the fate of Seeta - when he said
    "How ominous the portents that manifest themselves to me! I pray I find you here when I return with Rama".

    "[Laksmana:] 'This is the nature of women the whole world over: Women care nothing for
    righteousness, they are flighty, sharp-tongued, and divisive. May all the inhabitants of the forest give ear and bear me witness how my words of reason met so harsh a reply from you.

    Curse you and be damned, that you could so suspect me, when I am only following the orders of my guru. How like a woman to be so perverse! I am going to Kakutstha (Rama). I wish you well, fair woman. May the spirits of the forest, each and every one, protect you, large-eyed lady.

    How ominous the portents that manifest themselves to me! I pray I find you here when I return with Rama.' " -- Ramayana 3:43:27-31.



    Book V : Sundara Kanda – Book Of Beauty
    Chapter [Sarga] 55
    Verses converted to UTF-8, Nov 09

    धिगस्तु माम् सुदुर्भद्धिम् निर्लज्जम् पापकृत्तमम् |
    अचिन्तयित्वा ताम् सीतामग्निदम् स्वामिघातकम् || ५-५५-७

    7. maam dhik astu = shame be upon me; paapakR^ittamam = the greatest sinner; sudurbiddhim = with utter foolishness; nrlajjam = and impudence; agnidam = who became of fire-brand; achintayitvaa = without giving thought; taam siitaam = to that Seetha; svaami ghaatukam = and became hurtful to me master.

    “Shame be upon me, the greatest sinner with utter foolishness and impudence, who became a fire-brand without giving thought to that Seetha and became hurtful to my master.”

    Verse Locator

    यदि दग्धा तु इयम् लन्का नूनम् आर्या अपि जानकी |
    दग्धा तेन मया भर्तुः हतम् कार्यम् अजानता || ५-५५-८

    8. iyam laN^kaa dagdhaayadi = if this Lanka has been burnt; aaryaa = the venerable; jaanakyapi = Seetha also; nuunam dagdhaa = has surely been burnt; tena = in this manner; ajaanataa = inadvertently; bhartuH = the lord’s; kaaryam = purpose; hatam = has been spoilt; mayaa = by me.

    “If this whole Lanka for its part has been burnt, the worshipful Seetha too has surely been burnt. Thus, I have spolt the purpose of my lord inadvertently.”

    यदि तत् विहतम् कार्यम् मया प्रज्ञा विपर्ययात् |
    इह एव प्राण सम्न्यासो मम अपि हि अतिरोचते || ५-५५-१२

    12. vihatam yadi tat kaaryam = If that act has been spoiled; mama prajJNaaviparyayaat = due to my perverted intelligence; rochate = it is appropriate; mamaapi = even to me; adya = now; ihaiva = and here itself; praaNa samnyaasah = to give up my life.

    “If this task has been spoiled due to my perverted intelligence, it is appropriate even for me, here and now itself, to give up my life.”


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